On the Third Month

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235) On the third month after Israel went out of Egypt, on that month the great appointee, Uriel, governs. This is so because Nissan, Iyar, Sivan [Hebrew months] correspond to HGT: Michael governs in Hesed, Gabriel in Gevura, and Uriel in Tifferet. Also, 365 tens of thousands of camps are with him, as the number of days of the year, who are the days of the sun. Each of them has 365 keys of the lights from that light that comes out of the upper, inner, hidden and concealed HASHMAL, on which the holy upper letters of the holy name depend.

236) This is a whole man, who is called Jacob, Tifferet, the Master of the house, the man of God. It is so because Malchut from Chazeh and above is called “whole,” and Jacob is Malchut’s husband. This is why he is called “a whole man,” for he is her husband and her man. “Whole” comes from the word “wholeness,” for there is the Sium [end] of the knot of the TefillinMalchut, who is called Leah. “Jacob was a whole man” was her man. The upper, inner, hidden and concealed HASHMAL stands in his form and holds all the upper hidden lights, which come out of him. Also, all the camps of Angel Uriel grip those keys of that light that comes out of the HASHMAL.

237) That light consists of two lights of right and left, and they are a single light in it. The first light is white light, which the eye does not govern. This is a light that is hidden for the righteous, as it is written, “Light is sown for the righteous.” The second light is a light that glitters and blazes as a red vision. This is the light of the left, the two lights are incorporated in it as one, and they were one.

238) This Uriel is the great appointee, and all those camps that were with him take that light. Because it consists of two, it is called “twins.” Hence, the sign Gemini [twins] governs in that month, and the Torah was given in it. From here down, the degrees are extended until they merit a name to illuminate the world.

239) All the other signs, which govern on the other months, have neither a mouth nor a tongue. The sign, Gemini, has a mouth and a tongue included together. This is why it is written in the Torah, “And you shall meditate Him day and night.” “Day” corresponds to the tongue, ZA, “Night” corresponds to the mouth, Malchut, all are included together, and the concept of Gemini rises in everything.

240) It is written, “And behold, there were twins in her womb.” “Twins” is written without an Aleph [in Hebrew]. Yet, he did not say “twins” [without an Aleph] because of the two of them, Jacob and Esau, since Esau does not count in relation to the twins. Rather, he said “twins” [without an Aleph] only because of Jacob, since Jacob is the middle line, consisting of two lights, right and left. He is called “twins” [without an Aleph] after those two lights.

It is written, “And behold there were twins [without an Aleph],” meaning Jacob, “In her womb.” This praise, that he was in the womb of that righteous woman, the text praises. And because that wicked man was there, Esau, the Aleph departed from there and it writes “twins” without an Aleph.

241) It is all one. Jacob is Tifferet, middle line, taking two months: Nissan and Iyar, and he is included in the month Sivan, which is the sign Gemini. Because it is included in the month, Sivan, which includes the two months, Nissan and Iyar, right and left, it is called “Gemini” [twins]. It follows that Jacob, who is included in him, takes those two months.

Esau takes two months, Tamuz and Av, and he is not in the middle line, Elul. He is lost because Elul is not his own. Even in the month of Av, only nine days are his and not more. Hence, he is lost and is not found. He is not Gemini, middle line, but is separated and moves to the other side with nil and desolation, as it is written, “The enemy has come to an end in perpetual ruins.”

242) And because Jacob is Gemini, the Torah was given to his sons on the month of Gemini. Also, the Torah is twins, for it is written Torah and oral Torah. It was given on the third month, to the third people, included in three degrees, three patriarchs. The Torah is tripled: it is the Torah, Prophets, Hagiographa, and it is all one.

243) At that time, when Israel arrived at Mount Sinai, the Creator gathered the descendants of Israel, looked at all of them, and found no flaw in the whole of the descendants of Israel. Rather, they were all holy seed, all sons of truth.

244) Then the Creator said to Moses, “Now I wish to give the Torah to Israel, draw them with the love of the patriarchs, the love that I love them, and by the token that I have made for them, you will be My messenger, and tell them these words.” So said the Creator to Moses: “With this, you will be My loyal messenger, to draw Israel after Me.”

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