One Opposite the Other

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263) “God has made one opposite the other.” As there is in the firmament, the Creator made on earth. And all that exists on earth implies to what exists above in the firmament. When Rabbi Abba saw a tree whose fruit became a bird that fled from it, he cried and said, “If people knew what they were implying, they would tear their clothes to their navels for having forgotten the wisdom.” It is even more so with the rest of the things that the Creator has done on earth.

264) The trees from which Hochma [wisdom] is seen are Carob, Palm, and Pistachio, which is a kind of nut tree. They are all comprised of one composition, since all the fruit-bearing trees are one, implying to Tifferet, except for apples, which are NHY. Only the paths in them are separate because each tree has a special path in which it shines.

265) All the big trees that do not bear fruit, except for willows, have their own meaning, such as above, for they are NH and nurse from the same nursing. This means that they nurse from the externality, from another god, which does not bear fruit. Conversely, all the small trees, except for the hyssop, which implies Yesod, were born from the same mother, Nukva.

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