The Creator Demands the Glory of the Righteous

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420) Happy are the righteous, whose honor the Creator desires more than His own. How many are the people in the world who revile and curse above. Sennacherib reviled and cursed and said, “Who among all the gods of the lands,” and the Creator forgave and did not pursue him. When he stretched his hand out on Hezekiah, it is written, “The angel of the Lord went out and struck … the camp of the Assyrians.”

421) Jeroboam son of Nabat was an idol worshipper, burned incense for it, sacrificed for it, and the Creator did not pursue him. When Ido the prophet came and prophesied on him, and Jeroboam stretched out his hand against him, it is written, “But his hand … dried up, so that he could not draw it back to himself.”

422) Pharaoh reviled and cursed and said, “Who is the Lord that I should obey His voice?” But the Creator did not collect from him until he refused to send Israel out, as it is written, “Still you exalt yourself against My people, not sending them off.” It is also written, “Behold the hand of the Lord is upon your livestock.” Similarly, in every place, the Creator pursues for offending the honor of the righteous more than for His own.

423) Here Moses said, “A little more and they will stone me.” The Creator told him, “Moses, this is not the time to pursue the offence of your honor. Rather, pass before the people and we will see who stretches out his hand against you. After all, are you in their authority or in Mine?”

424) “Take your staff in your hand … and go,” because it was engraved in miracles and the upper holy Name was inscribed on it. First, the staff turned into a serpent, Yesod de ZA de Katnut. It is written, “The way of a serpent on a rock.” It is known that a serpent evokes the rock, which is Malchut. In which place did the Creator appear? He appeared here, as it is written, “I stand before you on the rock.” Who is a rock? It is written, “The Rock! His work is perfect,” and he is Malchut, and there Moses knew how the serpent stands on the rock.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / BESHALACH – click)

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