The Morning Star

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160) “For the leader upon the morning star.” When the face of the east illuminates and the darkness of night has spread, there is an appointee to the east, middle line, which pulls a single thread of light from the south side, right line, until the sun comes out and splits these windows of the firmament and illuminates the world. And that thread, which pulls from the south, removes the darkness of night.

When the Nukva is only in the form of left, the Hochma in her cannot shine due to lack of Hassadim, and the darkness of night is drawn out of her. At that time, the middle line grows stronger by the force of the Masach de Hirik in it, and pulls a thread of light of Hassadim from the south side, which is right, until the Hochma in Nukva clothes in Hassadim, when the light of the sun, the middle line, bestows upon her during his dominion, in the daytime. Then the Nukva is completed in the daytime Zivug. The appointee who pulls the string is the MAN and Masach de Hirik, which rise to the middle line, ZA.

161) Then comes the morning star, meaning a black light comes in the darkness, which is the Nukva, the morning star, to bond with the day, ZA, and the day shines. Then the light of day pulls the deer, the Nukva, into it. It is about this deer, when she separates from the day after he had incorporated her, that David said the psalm, “For the leader upon the morning star.”

162) And what did David tell her? “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?” This is because the morning star, Nukva, had parted from the light of day, ZA; hence, she has nothing to bestow at that time, and she departs him.

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