The Tablets Were the Work of God

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364) When the letters were carved in the stone tablets, they appeared on both sides—from this side and from that side. The tablets were of sapphire stone, and they were carved and covered in white fire, while the letters were of black fire, carved from both sides, from this side and from that side.

365) The tablets remained as they were, whole, unchanged. And the letters would fly and appear in two kinds of fire—white fire and black fire, to show the right and left together, where white is right and black is left, as it is written, “Long life is in her right; in her left are riches and honor.” Hence, why is it written, “On His right was a fiery law”? It was from the side of Gevura, which is left, and included in the right. This is why there were white fire and black fire in it.

366) It is written, “The tablets were the work of God.” “The tablets” is written with a lacking Vav [in Hebrew], meaning one. They were two, but they appeared as one. Ten commandments were carved in them, five included in five, so that everything will be right [side]. Indeed, they are the work of God.

367) The tablets were made of sapphire. There were two stones, and the stones were hidden. The Creator blew wind and two tablets expanded and were carved. They were as sapphire, but not actual sapphire, from the words, “They were the work of God.” If they were sapphire stone, they would be as other gems, and not the work of God.

368) Is sapphire, which is a more precious gem than the rest of the gems, not the work of God? After all, the whole of creation is the work of God? However, they are the work of God, they precisely are the work of God, and they are not included in the acts of creation.

“The tablets are the work of God.” It writes, “The tablets,” and does not write, “And the stones are the work of God.” Rather, He blew over the stones and two tablets expanded and were carved, but the stones themselves were actual sapphire.

369) It is all one, and they go into one place. But those two tablets existed even before the world was created. They rose from the eve of Sabbath and the Creator made them.

370) From what were the tablets made? From the high dew that extends from holy AtikKeter. When it dripped and extended to the field of holy apples, Malchut, the Creator took two cups of them and they froze and became gems. He blew over them and they expanded into two tablets, as was written that they are the work of God, and the writing is of the writing of God, as it is written, “Written by the finger of God.”

371) “The finger of God.” A finger comes up to ten, since ten fingers are ten Sefirot. They are included in one another, and in each finger are ten Sefirot until they become a whole hand, as it is written, “And Israel saw the great hand.”

372) “Engraved upon the tablets.” The writing on the stones was punctured from side to side, and the writing appeared on both sides. “Engraved” means carving engravings from side to side, where the other side is seen from this side, and what is written on the other side is read from here.

373) They were written in a miracle. All the people would say and testify that it is certainly the writing of God, since all the people could not have known them as they were.

374) In the view of those who say that they were punctured from side to side, is it written, “Engraved in the tablets?” It is written, “Engraved upon the tablets,” and not from side to side. There are five voices to the right and five to the left. Those of the left are included in the right, and from the right, those on the left would be seen.

In the tablets, all is right, since the five commandments on the left were included in those on the right. Hence, that which was on that side sees to the other side and reads these letters in a way that the miracle that was said in the tablets—reading from this side what is written on that side—is not said in relation to the anterior and posterior of the tablets, but of the right and left in them, since they were not engraved from side to side. Rather, the left returned to the right, as it is written, “On His right was a fiery law.” For this reason, it is certainly the writing of God.

375) It interprets how one who was on that side would read “I am the Lord your God,” and with those letters, he would see and read, “You shall not kill.” He would read, “You shall not have,” and he would see and read, “You shall not commit adultery.” He would read, “You shall not bear the name of the Lord your God in vain,” and he would see and read, “You shall not steal,” and all from this side on the right. So it was for all of them from the other side, and all are included in one another in this way, as it is written, “It is God’s writing.”

376) “And Moses went down to the people, and told them,” but it does not say what he said. Usually, when joy or sorrow comes over a person, he cannot tolerate it before he understands it because his heart immediately flees from him. When he understands and knows it, he can endure and tolerate. It is all the more so here, when Moses told them what would happen afterwards and strengthened their hearts with words. Yet, they could not tolerate it. It is all the more so if he had told them nothing. For this reason, first he told them and strengthened their hearts, and then “And God spoke.”

377) And yet, they could not tolerate. When they heard the word of the Creator, their souls fled and the souls of Israel rose up to His throne to cling there.

378) The Torah said to the Creator, “Is it for nothing that I existed 2,000 years before the world was created?” Is it for nothing that it is written in it, “Any man of the sons of Israel and of the stranger who is dwelling in their midst.” “And you shall speak unto the sons of Israel, saying.” “For unto Me the children of Israel are servants.” Where are the children of Israel? At that time, the Torah returned the souls of the children of Israel, each to her place. The Torah intensified and held unto them, to return them to Israel, as it is written, “The law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the soul,” for it restored the souls of Israel after they had fled them.

379) “And Solomon sat on the throne of the Lord as king.” There are six angles to the throne, corresponding to HGT NHY. This is why it is called “The throne of the Lord,” since the moon was full in the days of Solomon, meaning the Nukva de ZA, who is called “moon,” was in its full.

380) When is the moon, Malchut, full? It is when she stands on fifteen kings: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, Peretz, Hezron, Ram, Aminadav, Nachshon, Shalmon, Boaz, Ovad, Yishai, David, and Solomon. When King Solomon came, the fifteenth king, the moon, Malchut, was in full, as it is written, “And Solomon sat on the throne of the Lord as king,” where throne is Malchut. And it is written, “There are six angles to the throne, corresponding to her HGT NHY.” It is all as it is above.

381) In the days of Tzidkiahuh, the moon, Malchut was deficient and was flawed, as it is written, “And the moon will not shed its light,” and the faces of Israel darkened.

382) Rehoboam, Avia, Asa, Joshafat, Yehoram, Yoash, Amatzyahu, Uziahu, Yotam, Ahaz, Hizkiyahu, Menashe, Amon, Yoshiahu, and Tzidkiyahu. When Tzidkiyahu came, the moon was flawed and was deficient, as it is written, “He blinded the eyes of Tzidkiyahu.” It is also written, “He has cast earth from heaven,” meaning the earth, Malchut, passed before heaven, ZA, and drifted away from him, and that earth was darkened.

383) When Israel stood at Mount Sinai, the moon began to shine, as it is written, “He bowed the heavens, and came down.” The sun, ZA, who is called “heaven,” drew close to the moon, Malchut, and the moon began to shine, as it is written, “The standard of the camp of Judah to the east.” Judah is a Merkava [chariot/assembly] to Malchut, east, from the word rising and illuminating [in Hebrew].

384) Judah was appointed to rule over Malchut on Mount Sinai, as it is written, “And Judah is also unruly against God, and trusted with holy ones.” What is “And trusted with holy ones”? When the Creator said to Israel, “And you will be unto Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation,” Judah was trusted to receive the kingship, and the moon, Malchut began to shine.

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