The Word of the Lord Came

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6) “The word of the Lord came expressly.” Why twice the word “was” [“was” appears only in Hebrew, twice]? If Ezekiel was a loyal prophet, why did he reveal all that he saw? Should one whom the King admitted into His palace reveal all that he saw? Ezekiel was certainly a loyal prophet and everything that he saw was in faith, and he revealed all that he revealed with the Creator’s permission, and all was necessary.

7) When temporary affliction comes upon one who is accustomed to suffering, he suffers his load and does not worry. But one who is unaccustomed to suffering and all his days were in delights and pleasures, when affliction comes upon him it is total affliction, and this is what one should cry for.

8) So were Israel. When they went down to Egypt they were accustomed to affliction, since all the days of that righteous, their father, were in affliction. Hence, they tolerated the exile properly and were not too worried. But the exile in Babylon was total affliction, affliction that upper and lower cry for.

9) The upper ones cried for it, as it is written, “Behold, their brave ones cry outside.” The lower ones cried for it, as it is written, “By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat and also wept.” Everyone cried for the exile in Babylon since they were previously filled with royal delights, as it is written, “The precious sons of Zion.”

10) It is written, “For the mountains I will take up a weeping and wailing.” These are the high mountains in the world. They are the precious sons of Zion that are more precious than gold. And now they come down into the exile with stones on their necks and their hands tied behind them. And when they came to the exile in Babylon, they thought that they would not persist in the world because the Creator had left them and will never watch over them again.

11) At that time, the Creator called upon His entire company—all his assemblies, camps, ministers, and all the hosts of heaven—and told them, “What are you doing here? My beloved sons are in exile in Babylon and you are here? Rise up and go down all of you to Babel, and I am with you. It is written about that, “Thus says the Lord … ‘For your sake I have sent to Babylon.’” This is the Creator. “And I will bring down all of them as fugitives” are all the upper assemblies and camps.

12) When they went down to Babylon, the skies were opened and the holy spirit of prophecy was upon Ezekiel. He saw what he saw and he said unto Israel, “But your masters are here, and all the armies of the heavens and the assemblies that came to dwell with you.” They did not believe him until he was compelled to reveal all that he saw—“I saw this” and “I saw that”—and all that he revealed was entirely necessary.

When Israel saw it, they were glad. And when they heard the words from Ezekiel’s mouth, they were not at all afraid about their exile because they knew that the Creator would not leave them. Thus, all that he revealed was by permission.

13) Wherever Israel exiled, Divinity exiled with them. And here in the exile in Egypt, it is written, “Now these are the names of the sons of Israel.” Since it writes, “Sons of Israel,” why does it write, “With Jacob”? It should have said, “Who come with him.” However, “These are the names of the sons of Israel” are the upper assemblies and camps that descended with Jacob, along with Divinity in the exile in Egypt. This explains the words, “The word … came expressly,” with the double “was” [only in Hebrew], since the first “was” is in the exile in Egypt and the second “was” is in the exile in Babylon.

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