Their Valiant Ones Cry Outside

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308) “Under three things the earth quakes … Under a slave when he becomes king,” meaning an appointee, who was previously enslaved under another governor and has now come to kingship, has been given government, and the earth quakes. It is all the more so when that appointee governs Israel, the earth will certainly quake.

309) When the Creator placed Israel under the rule of the nations, He sat and sobbed and cried, as it is written, “My soul shall weep in secret.” “In secret” means in the world of Atzilut.

310) “In the light of a king’s face is life.” If the Master is sad, all the more so if he is sobbing and weeping, his servants cry outside. What is outside? Their Master is within, as it is written, “My soul shall weep in secret,” and they are outside. Their Master is in the inner houses, in Atzilut, and they are in the outer houses, in BYA. The inner houses are of the ten Ketarim [crowns, plural of Keter] of the king, of the ten Sefirot de ZA de Atzilut.

311) “Angels of peace.” Are there angels who are not of peace? There are angels who are of harsh Din, who extend from the Sefira of Gevura. There are those of Din that is not harsh, who extend from Malchut. There are also those of Din and Rachamim, who extend from Tifferet, and there are those with Rachamim, in whom there is no Din at all. Those extend from Bina and are called “angels of peace.”

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / ŞMOT – click)

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