There Were Voices and Lightning Flashes

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290) “There were voices and lightning flashes.” “Voices” is written without a Vav [in Hebrew], which is a sign of plural, indicating two voices that have become one again. One comes out of the other: wind out of water, water out of wind, two that are one, and one that is two. This is why “Voices” is written without a Vav.

It is like the corporeal voice, which consists of wind and water. Likewise, the spiritual voice consists of water, right line, and wind, which is the middle line.

There are two discernments in these wind and water: 1) In three lines of Bina, where it is the middle line, Ruach, a result of the right line, water, meaning wind out of water. 2) In the three lines of ZA, when the middle line spreads from Bina to ZA, one is rewarded with all three. Thus, the middle line in it is only the root and the cause of the two lines, right and left. It follows that the water, right line, is like a result of the wind, middle line, meaning water out of wind.

On the one hand we can say that these two Behinot [discernments] are one because what extends to ZA is only what exists in Bina. On the other hand, it can be said that they are two because one voice is in Bina and the other voice is in ZA. This is why he says, “Two that are one and one that is two.” And this is why it writes “Voices” without a Vav, the plural sign.

291) “Voices” is one; it is a loud, strong voice that does not stop in that world. It is written about it, “With a great voice, and He added no more,” which is the Ruach in upper AVI, from which the Yod does not part their Avir [air], and the level of Ruach in them exists unchanged forever. This Ruach also shines in the great ZON because the rest of the voices cease, and then Dinim awaken in the world. That voice, which includes the rest of the voices, never stops and does not pass from its complete existence and power. That voice is the voice of voices, which includes all other voices.

The domination of the left line awakens four times a year, and then the voice, the level of Hassadim, promptly stops and Dinim govern in the world. Yet, this is only in a voice of YESHSUT and of ZA. But the left does not govern and stop the voice of AVI, and the Hassadim never cease from them. This voice includes all the voices below it.

292) There is voice only on the part of wind, water, and fire, which are three lines, and the voice, the middle line, does everything. Through it, the lines incorporate in one another and become one. It is written about it, “Voices” without a Vav, the sign of plural.

“And lightning flashes.” It is written, “He makes lightning for the rain,” for lightning means fire that is connected to water, like lightning flashes in rain, where the flare of the lightning in the rain implies a connection of Rachamim in love that is not present.

293) The Torah was given on the side of Gevura. Hence, the Torah is on the left side. She returned to the right, as it is written, “On His right was a fiery law.” The left is included in the right, and it is written, “Your right, O Lord, glorious in power.” The right is included in the left, thus the Gevura, left, was included in the right.

294) “And a thick cloud upon the mountain,” a strong cloud, fixed to its place because of its weight, not moving from place to place as do other clouds. “And a very loud voice of a Shofar [festive horn],” for because the cloud was strong, a voice came out so as to break it.

295) There were three kinds of darkness, as it is written, “Darkness,” “Cloud,” and “Mist,” and the voice of the Shofar was more internal than all of them.

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