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62) It is written, “This is the book of the generations of Adam. On the day that God created Adam, God made him in God’s image.” The Creator showed Adam HaRishon all those generations that were to come to the world, all those leaders, and all those sages that were to be in each generation.

63) “This is the book.” There is a book and there is a book. There is a book above and there is a book below. The book below is called “a book of remembrance,” which means the book of that remembrance, and he is one righteous, Yesod. It is called “this,” and Malchut is its book. To not separate them, for they are always together, in one unification, it is written, “This is the book,” two degrees that are one. They are the whole of male and female, for “this” is male, Yesod, and “a book” is female, Malchut.

64) It is one law, that all those souls and spirits in people—and which are the whole of all the generations—are certainly the generations of Adam, meaning the generations of the upper Adam, ZA. This is so because these souls come out of this righteous in one craving. And this is the potion of the garden, which waters the river that comes out of Eden, as it is written, “And a river came out of Eden to water the garden.” It means that the Yesod gives the souls [Neshamot] and the spirits [Ruchot] of the garden, Malchut. This is the meaning of Adam, as it is written, “The generations of Adam.”

65) Afterwards, when it is written, “On the day that God created Adam,” it is Adam below. Two Adams are written in this text. One is the Adam above, and one is the Adam below. Adam above, ZA, is in the concealment that the text concealed in male and female as one, as it is written, “This is the book, which is the whole of male and female together.” When they produced offspring together, the text calls them Adam, as it is written, “The generations of Adam.”

66) After the matter was revealed—out of the first, upper hidden one in the text, when it became known that this book concerns the upper Adam, whose generations are souls and spirits of people—He created Adam below. It is written about it, “On the day that God created Adam, God made him in God’s image.” “In the image” means that Adam has this appearance, that the forms are seen in him, and the forms do not stand in that appearance in sustainable forms, but pass away from him. So it is here with the image of God.

67) “In God’s image” means the form of the organs male and female, as it is written, “Behind and before.” “Behind” is the “keep,” the Nukva. “Before” is the “remember,” ZA. And all the Mitzvot of the Torah depend on those, the 613 Mitzvot of the Torah, which are everything. Adam was created “behind” the act of creation, and before the work of the Merkava [assembly/structure], and everything is interdependent. “In God’s image” means in this very form of Malchut.

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