207 on the Right, 103 on the Left

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738) This first light was included in 207 worlds, hidden under light, and spreading in all of them. These 207 worlds are on the right, under the upper hidden throne, Bina. The 103 worlds are on the left, which, combined, are 310. These are the ones that the Creator always establishes for the righteous, and several desirable treasures expand from these. They are all hidden, for refining the righteous for the next world with them. It is written about those, “To bequeath those who love me with substance and that I may fill their treasuries.” It is also written about them, “Neither has the eye seen a God besides You.”

Three points—HolamShuruk, and Hirik—come out in Bina, which are three lines in her. Upon the exit of the two points, Holam Shuruk—the two lines right and left—a state of Achoraim [posterior] is made in Bina, since before the right and left were included in one another, the right line was missing GAR, the Holam. The left line is GARHochma, but for lack of Hassadim, the Hochma does not illuminate. And since they are both deficient, they are regarded as Achoraim de Bina.

Afterwards, when the point of Hirik came out, the middle line, and determined and included the two lines—right and left—in one another, it is considered the state of Panim [anterior/face] of Bina, for then the right line was completed with GAR through the inclusion with the left. Also, the left line was completed with Hassadim through the inclusion with the right line, and both were filled in the appropriate wholeness.

However, even after the elicitation of the Panim, when she already has three lines, the state of Achoraim still remains in her because there is no absence in the spiritual. Moreover, the whole of the Hochma that illuminates in the state of Panim extends from the state of Achoraim. And since the middle line has already been extended, the three lines are also regarded as being in a state of Achoraim.

Two lines—the right and the middle—are regarded as the point of Holam on the right, since they are missing GAR. The left line is considered the point of Shuruk, which is deficient of Hassadim, as they were in the state of Achoraim.

The state of Achoraim de Bina is regarded as having YodShin [310] worlds in it, 207 on the right and 103 on the left. This is so because Shin [300 in Gematria] implies three lines [], in each of which are 100 Sefirot, for the Sefirot of Bina are 100. Yod implies the level of ten Sefirot, which are GAR and ZAT. It follows that the two lines of Shin, which are the right and the middle, which are on the right, are Reish, and he took seven Sefirot from the level, without the GAR, so together they are 207.

The left line of the Shin, the point of Shuruk, is Hochma without Hassadim, 100. He took from the level GAR without ZATHochma without Hassadim, and together they are 103. And 207 and 103 together are YodShin [310] in Gematria.

They are called Olamot [worlds] from the word He’elem [concealment], since the two sides are deficient and there is concealment in them so that the state of Achoraim that remains at the time of illumination of Panim de Bina is regarded as YodShin worlds, 207 worlds on the right, and 103 on the left.

The Hochma extends only from the state of Achoraim by having the Creator, middle line, always correcting the two lines, including them in one another. By that they are each filled by his deficiency, and all the beauty and all the refinement come in illumination of Hochma. The Hochma comes from the state of AchoraimYodShin, and through the middle line, the deficiency in each is filled, as it is written, “That I may fill their treasuries.”

739) YodShin are ShinYod [310] worlds that are hidden under the next world, Bina. These 207 worlds on the right side are called “the first light,” since even the light of the left is called “light,” but it is dark light, which does not bear offspring. And since the light of the right precedes the light of the left, it is called “the light of the right,” which is Hesed, the first light.

But the first light is destined to bear offspring for the next world. But for the next world, which is Bina, and not more? Indeed, it bears offspring even each day, even in the degrees of ZA, who is called “day,” for if there were no light in ZA, the world, Malchut, would not be able to exist, as it is written, “I said, ‘A world of Hesed [mercy] shall be built,’” in the first light, called Hesed.

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