As They

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163) As they, VAK de ZA, unite from Chazeh de ZA and above, and the Sitra Achra is not associated with them, so Malchut is unified from Chazeh de ZA and below, in Ehad [one], to be with them above, one opposite one. This is so because the Creator, ZA, is one above. He does not sit on His throne, Malchut, until she, too, becomes one, like Him, to be one in one, as it is written, “The Lord is one and His name One,” since the Lord, ZA, and His name, Malchut, are one in one.

164) Sabbath, the Malchut, is called Sabbath when she unites in one, when ZA, who is one, is over her. This is the prayer of the night of the Sabbath, since then the holy throne, Malchut, unites with one, and she is established so that the upper, holy King, ZA, is over her.

165) When the Sabbath enters, she is unified and parts from the Sitra Achra, and all the Dinim are removed from her. She remains in unification of the holy light and is crowned in crowns for the holy King, and all the governments of fretfulness and litigators flee, and there is no other governance in all the worlds but her.

166) Her Panim [face], GAR, illuminate in the upper light and she is crowned in the holy nation below, when all are crowned from her with new souls. Then is the beginning of the prayer to bless her with joy, with a shining face, saying, “Bless the blessed Lord.” Et [“the”] is Malchut, to begin with a blessing toward her.

167) It is forbidden for a holy nation to begin toward her with a verse of Din. He is merciful because she has already parted from the Sitra Achra, and all the litigators have parted and departed her. One who evokes Din below causes the awakening of it above, and the holy throne, Malchut, cannot be crowned in the holy crown. It is so because as long as the litigators are awakened below, those who were previously absent, and all went to hide in the hole in the dust inside the great deep due to the sanctity of the Sabbath, now they have been awakened from below, and all return to be in their places, as during the week. Through them, he is removed from the holy place, Malchut, who desires rest.

168) He did not awaken alone through the lower ones. Rather, there is no awakening above before Israel awaken below, as it is written, “In the full moon for our feast-day.” It does not say, “For a feast-day,” but “For our feast-day,” since the sanctity of the festival awakens above through Israel who sanctify it below. This is why it is “Our feast-day.” Therefore, to evoke rest, it is forbidden to evoke Din for a holy nation who are crowned in holy crowns of souls, but rather everyone should be in good will, great love, evoking blessings above and below at once.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / TRUMA – click)

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