From Every Man Whose Heart Moves Him

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363) “And they will take a donation for Me.” The secret of secrets is to those who know wisdom. When the most hidden of all that are hidden, Keter, wished to glorify his honor, he blew a wind from a high point, Hochma—the spirit [also “wind” in Hebrew] of Hochma, which extends from above downward, to Malchut, since the Hochma appears only in Malchut—and made his correction there, to settle in this world. He made a correction there because if the essence and root of this world were not corrected in Malchut, there would be no Kli in which to bestow in this world at all. And if he did not bestow in this world, the world would perish at once; it would not be able to exist for even a moment. But because he made a correction in Malchut, from this world, Malchut is filled on one side—to impart to this world—and on the other side to impart upon the upper angels. Thus, all are nourished by her together.

364) The complete correction of this spirit, which is the light of Malchut, is the spirit of the righteous in this world. This spirit was completed at the time when Hanoch and Yered and Mahalalel were in the world. And when the wicked of the world proliferated, the wholeness was removed from the spirit. Afterwards, when they were lost in the flood, Noah came and complemented them.

When the generation of Babylon came and the wholeness was removed from the spirit, Abraham came and complemented it. When the people of Sodom came and removed him, Isaac came and complemented him. When the philistines and the wicked of the generation came and removed the wholeness form it, Jacob and his sons came, being a perfect bed without a flaw, and complemented it.

365) When they departed from the holy land and went down to Egypt, the spirit was detained in Egypt for them, and because Israel reverted there to the works of the Egyptians, the spirit surrendered and the wholeness was removed from it until Israel went out from Egypt and came to make a tabernacle. The Creator said, “It is My wish to dwell among you, but I cannot until you correct My spirit, the light of Malchut, so it is within you,” as it is written, “And let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them.”

366) This is the meaning of the words, “And they will take a donation for Me,” meaning Divinity, the spirit of Malchut. Moses said to the Creator: “Who can take it and make it?” He told him, “Moses, it is not as you think. Rather, ‘From every man whose heart moves him you shall take My donation.’ You will take it and complete it from their will and spirit.”

367) When Solomon came, he established that spirit of Malchut in the wholeness of above, of Bina, since from the day it was completed below in the days of Moses, that perfection that is below it has not been removed. When Solomon came, he tried to complement it from above and began to correct the vision of the upper world, ZA, to correct that vision of the lower world, Malchut. This is the meaning of “Which is Solomon’s,” ZA.

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