Let Me Go, for the Dawn Has Risen

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681) “Please take my blessing which has been brought to you.” When Jacob saw the slanderer, SAM, that night, when he fought with him at the ford of the Yabbok, he saw him in the shape of Esau, and he did not recognize him until the dawn rose. When the dawn rose, he saw him with a hidden and revealed face. He looked in his form, which was as the form of Esau, and immediately noticed and knew that he was Esau’s appointee, SAM. He attacked him, as it is written, “And he said, ‘Let me go, for the dawn has risen,’” as it was his time to sing and praise the Creator. This is why he said, “For the dawn has risen.”

682) Here we should consider that his governance is only at night, in the dark, as it is written, “For fear at nights,” which is the fear of Hell. And the reason why it writes “Nights,” in plural form, is that they are SAM and his Nukva, Lilit. For this reason, he governs only at night.

683) “And he said, ‘Let me go, for the dawn has risen.’” “For the dawn has risen” because when the morning comes and the governance of the night’s darkness has passed, he and his camps enter the hole of the great deep on the north side until the night comes and the dogs, Sitra Achra, are loosened from their shackles and rule and roam in the night until the morning comes. This is why SAM was pushing and saying, “Let me go, for the dawn has risen,” for he does not govern during the day.

684) Similarly, the exile of Israel is considered night and is called “night.” The evil kingship of the idol worshippers rules over Israel until the morning comes, redemption, and the Creator shines for them, removing the dominance of the kingship of the idol worshippers. This is why he said, “For the dawn has risen.” He was held by his hand and his strength waned, for the night was over. For this reason, Jacob overcame him and saw his shape as the shape of Esau, but not so openly. Then SAM was forced and thanked him for the blessings that his father had blessed him, as he told him, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.” And it is written, “And he blessed him there.”

685) Afterwards, it is written, “For I saw your face as one sees the face of God, and you have received me favorably.” It is so because he saw in Esau’s face such as that very form in which SAM appeared to him, for wherever a person connects, so his face appears. And you, high holy ones, Divinity is with you, hence your faces are as her face. Happy are you.

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