Mated Hochma in His Trails

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911) The Hochma is the inclusion of everything. The upper Hesed in ZA, right line, coming out of HochmaGevura, a strong Din, comes out of Bina. Jacob complements the two sides, determining between HG, uniting and completing them, and the patriarchs, Abraham and Isaac, HG de ZA, include everything. Jacob, the inclusion of the patriarchs, includes both.

912) The Hochma mated in its trails and gathered the water in its Ruach, in its ZAT, which are called Ruach. The water gathered into one place, meaning he brought back his lower waters, Bina and TM that fell from him to Bina, and gathered them into his degree, with whom Bina, too, rose to the Hochma. It is so because Bina and TM of the upper one raise the lower one with them upon their return to the upper one. Then the 50 gates of Bina opened, meaning that KHB TM emerged in her, each comprising ten, and they are 50. Ten crowns came out of these 32 paths, ten Sefirot de GAR de Hochma in glowing crowns, leaving 22 trails, ZAT de Hochma, 22 letters.

When Ruach struck those trails to gather the water into one place, the 50 gates of Bina opened, GAR de Bina, and 22 were opened, which are ZAT, in the 50 gates of Yovel, in these 50 gates of Bina. It is so because as the 32 trails of Hochma divided into ten in GAR, and 22 in ZATBina divided into 50 gates of Bina in GAR and 22 in ZAT. The 22 de Bina crowned in 72 letters of the holy name, which illuminates in illumination of Hochma, and they evolved into his Behina [discernment]. However, the name MemBet illuminates in the 50 gates of Bina, which are GAR de Bina, since the name MemBet illuminates in GAR, and the name AB [AyinBet] in ZAT.

913) 22 crowns of Rachamim were crowned. These are ZAT that are included in Atik Yomin, each of which illuminates for them in its own Behina. They illuminate in covered Hassadim, from which 50 engravings were crowned. These are the 50 gates of Bina, in 42 holy letters of the holy name, with which heaven and earth were created. The name MemBet [42] illuminates in GAR, and AB in ZAT. Eight gates were engraved in their engravings, which are the eight letters of Rachamim, as it is written, “The Lord, the Lord, a compassionate and gracious God.” These are eight names that emerge from the holy Atik, the eight corrections of Dikna that come out of the 13 corrections of Dikna de AA, which are VAK de Dikna that come out to ZA and unite in these holy crowns, the upper HB that rise, illuminating from below upwards. GAR de ZA were made of these eight corrections of Dikna and HB. Also, the upper Hesed comes out of Hochma, the Din of Gevura from Bina, and the merit of Jacob—the middle line, Tifferet—comes and unites them with one another, for he is the wholeness of the upper one.

914) This is the reason why he is called Israel. Jacob is the lower one, from Chazeh de ZA and below. Israel is the upper one, from Chazeh de ZA and above. Jacob is not wholeness; Israel is the wholeness of everything. “The saying of David the son of Yishai.” David is not wholeness because he is the last one, the last SefiraMalchut, having wholeness only in Yesod. Yishai is Yesod, superior, wholeness. Israel were not exiled from their land until they denied the Creator and the kingship of the house of David, Yesod and Malchut, as it is written, “We have no portion in David,” Malchut, “Neither have we inheritance in the son of Yishai,” Yesod, “Every man to his tents, O Israel,” the place where idol worship is among them.

915) When the Hochma began to carve engravings in all the crowns, the Sefirot, from which crown did it begin? From a crown called Bina. It is so because everything was included in Bina, for in it, the revelation of the Hochma began. This is why the 50 gates opened in her. It follows that everything was engraved in Hochma, as it is written, “You have made them all in wisdom.”

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