See and Make in Their Pattern

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596) Of which secrets of the tabernacle does it write, “See and make in their pattern”? It is written, “And you shall erect the tabernacle according to its plan.” The Creator said to Moses, “All the forms and all the corrections of the tabernacle, each as befits him, and showed him Angel Matat, who serves as a great priest inside. But was the tabernacle not set up above until the day when the tabernacle was established below? Also, did Matat not serve above until the day when he served him below in the other tabernacle?

597) Rather, of course the tabernacle was not set up above until it was set up below. But above, Moses saw the vision of the entire tabernacle, but it was not fully established until the tabernacle was set up below and saw Matat, how he would serve afterwards. He did not see him when he was serving, but as he would serve later. The Creator said to Moses, “See the tabernacle, and see the boy Matat, and all is detained until the tabernacle is erected below.”

598) Therefore, is Matat the one who serves in the tabernacle above and not Michael? Of course the tabernacle is Matat’s, and Michael is a great priest who serves inside the tabernacle of Matat, as a great priest above serves inside another tabernacle, which is hidden and not revealed, the next world, Bina. They are two tabernacles—one is the hidden upper one, Bina, and one is Matat’s. They are two priests—the qualities of Hesed, which is called a “priest,” the one first light, Hesed de ZA, and one is Michael, the great priest below.

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