The Hooks of the Pillars

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923) Woe unto the world when one cherub turns its face away from another. It indicates that there is no Zivug above between right and left, for it is written, “With their faces toward one another,” when there is peace in the world. This means that if their faces are not toward one another there is no peace in the world. It is written, “’You shall not uncover the nakedness of your father and the nakedness of your mother,” so as to not sin and separate the Zivug between ZON, who are your AVI [father and mother]. Woe unto one who uncovers their nakedness if he blemishes them. Therefore, there is no need to learn it from the verse, “With their faces toward one another.”

Similarly, it is written about Jacob, “Shall pass through from end to end,” uniting right and left together. Happy are all the parts of Israel that the Creator is praised in their praise as above in Tifferet, as it is written, “Israel, in whom I am glorified.”

924) In the early days, a man would tell his friend, “Tell me a word of Torah and have a portion of silver.” Now, a man says to his friend, “Have a portion of silver and engage in Torah.” And there is no one to notice and no one to lend an ear except those few high and holy in whom the Creator is praised, as it is written, “Then all your people will be righteous; they will inherit the land forever, the branch of My planting, the work of My hands to be glorified.”

925) The hooks of the pillars and their silver rings. All those of the forms of the upper pillars, NH, who unite, are called “The hooks of the pillars,” and all those that hang down from those hooks. Hooks are six within six, since the two Vavs [in “hooks” in Hebrew] are two times six, meaning that the VAK are incorporated in one another, and there are six in each of them. Hence, Netzah is six and Hod is six. They unite and are watered by the spinal cord, Tifferet, which stands over them, for Tifferet stands over NH. There are hooks above in HGT, and hooks below, in NHY, and all are considered the same, and there is no dispute here.

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