Who Has Aroused One from the East

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250) “Who has aroused one from the east.” MI [who] is the upper world, Bina, since the beginning comes forth from there, so that faith, Malchut, will appear.

251) MI is the most hidden of all that are hidden, of those who are unknown and were never revealed, upper AVI, whose Yod never comes out from their Avir and who are never known. He revealed His glory to be known from a place called the “east,” ZA, since faith begins from there, meaning Malchut, as well as the light to appear.

It is so because Malchut receives all the disclosure from ZA. Afterwards, it is written, “He calls in righteousness to His feet,” since Tzedek [righteousness], Malchut, reveals the upper Gevura, revealing the Hochma in the left line of ZAGevura, and the governance of the Creator, ZA. He made this Tzedek governor of all the worlds, to lead them and to properly correct them. This is why it is written, “He delivers up nations before him and subdues kings,” since all the kings in the world are under the authority of this Tzedek, as it is written, “He judges the world with righteousness.”

252) “He calls in righteousness to His feet.” Who calls whom? Is it east to Tzedek or Tzedek to east? Tzedek always calls upon the illuminating mirror, ZA, who is called “east,” and who is never still. Tzedek always stands at his feet because Malchut clothes over the NHY of ZA, who are called Raglaim [legs]. She never moves from there, and calls and is not still. It is written about it, “O God, do not remain quiet, do not be silent and, O God, do not be still.” And now the Creator has illuminated this way for us by the merit of Elazar, my son, who calls upon the upper light and does not keep still. Happy are the righteous in this world and in the next world.

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