Eat, Friends; Drink, Drink Abundantly, O Beloved

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35) “Eat, friends; drink, drink abundantly, O beloved” are all those who howl and wail, who extend from the left line, and on whom there are the Dinim of the left. This is why they always howl and wail, for they are all perfumed and blessed together on the day when the tabernacle was established. This is so because everyone enjoys the feast of the King, who is the middle line. They all eat when the King comes happy, hence the King was made to be happy, and He first makes the queen happy. Afterwards, everyone eats and rejoices.

36) “Eat, friends; drink, drink abundantly, O beloved” are VAK de ZA. “Drink abundantly” means from the wine that satiates all, from the illumination of Hochma. When these VAK de ZA are blessed, all those below, meaning the angels and the souls in Beria, are blessed.

37) “Eat, friends” is above, and “Drink, drink abundantly, O beloved” is below. Above is a high place, where they are in unity and in joy, where they never part from one another, meaning upper AVI. They are the ones called “friends,” as it is written, “And a river comes out of Eden.” Eden is Aba and the river is Ima. They never part and they are always willing, united, and joyful. “Drink, drink abundantly, O beloved” means the beloved below, which are ZON, which bond for a time during the prayer, on Sabbaths and on good days, but not always, as do upper AVI.

38) It mentions eating in regards to the upper ones, AVI, and not drinking, since one who has skin bottles of wine needs to eat. And because there is the kept wine there, in upper AVI, it mentions eating in regards to them. But of the lower ones, ZON, which need watering, it mentions drinking because of all the planting that they need to water from the deep stream, Bina. Hence, it mentions eating in these and drinking in those. These—upper AVI—are called “friends,” and those, meaning ZON, are called “Beloved,”

Mochin de Hassadim are called “eating.” These are the Mochin of upper AVIHassadim without Hochma, as it is written, “For He delights in mercy.” They are Avira Dachia [Aramaic: pure air], and Mochin of illumination of Hochma are called “drinking,” “wine that rejoices.” Of the upper ones, in AVI, it mentions eating but not drinking, since there is no drinking in upper AVI, which are illumination of Hochma, since the Yod does not exit the Avir [air] in them. Thus, there is only eating in them, Hassadim. This is why it is written about them, “Eat friends,” since upper AVI are regarded as never having left the Rosh of AA.

Also, they clothe the Mocha Stimaa, called “kept wine,” which is why they have skin bottles of wine and they need only Hassadim. But the lower ones, ZON, which need a portion, need Hochma, and as long as they have no Hochma, the Hassadim in them are considered VAK without a Rosh. It mentions drinking in regards to them, “Drink, drink abundantly, O beloved” because they must receive Hochma from YESHSUT, which is called “a deep stream.” Otherwise, they are VAK without Rosh.

39) Beloved are in a state of love, but why are they below? Those who crave for each other and are not always together are called, “beloved,” meaning ZON, which are below AVI. And those who are always together and are not covered or separated from each other, meaning upper AVI, are called “friends.” Hence, these are beloved and those are friends. Friends are always willing and in unity, and beloved are passionate at times, but not always. And this, the eating and drinking that are mentioned in the text, are the perfection of everything, so that the assembly of Israel, Malchut, would be blessed, and then there is joy in all the worlds.

40) “Eat, friends,” in offerings, since they are the feast of the King, to sacrifice before Him. Also, the litigants enjoy them, all are perfumed, and joy is in everyone.

41) “Eat, friends,” when Divinity entered the tabernacle, when there were blessings and joy in all and Divinity entered the tabernacle as a bride under the Huppah [canopy], when Israel were completed below and united in the Creator in the land. It is written about that, “Let them construct a sanctuary for Me, that I may dwell among them.” At that time, upper and lower are perfumed.

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