I Will Save You from Afar

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351) “Fear not, O Jacob My servant … For I will save you from afar.” Should it not have said, “From nearby”? “From afar” relates to the place, but “From afar” is as that verse, “From afar the Lord appeared unto me.” It is also written, “She brings her bread from afar.” This is the depth of the stream, Hochma, who is called “far,” as it is written, “I said, ‘I will get wisdom,’ but it was far from me.” This is the place from which the river, Bina, stretches out.

352) Since it is already written, “Fear not, O Jacob My servant,” what is, “And Jacob shall return and be quiet and at ease, and none shall make him afraid”? The Creator, ZA, rises up to Hochma, as it is written, “Why do You stand afar off, O Lord,” who is Hochma? From that far place, “I will save you,” meaning impart from the abundance of Hochma. “And Jacob shall return and be quiet” means that ZA will return from Hochma and descend to his place to mate with the assembly of Israel, Malchut. “And be quiet” is Yesod, and “At ease” in instilling his abode in Malchut. “And none shall make him afraid” means Isaac, the left line and Dinim, as it is written, “And Isaac was terrified and dreaded.”

This is why it is written, “The fear of Isaac,” the left line. When that fear awakened, Yesod departed to another place and did not bestow upon Malchut, as it is written, “The sinners in Zion are afraid,” meaning they will fear the Dinim of the left line, which is called “fear,” and remove the Yesod so as to not bestow upon the Malchut. “In Zion,” since Zion is Yesod de Malchut, and Yesod de ZA departs her because of the Dinim of the left. This is why he says, “And none shall make him afraid.” And now the Creator has saved us from afar. He hid us in this place, in the cave, with peace and quiet and without fear of anything, since when the Creator performs a miracle, He does it in all of it.

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