If His Offering Is a Burnt Offering

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70) “If his offering is a burnt offering.” It is written, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways.” “For My thoughts are not …” it writes “My thought,” without a Vav [in Hebrew, which would make it plural]. The thought of the Creator, which is the Sefira Hochma, is superior and the Rosh [head] of everything. This is so because Partzuf ZA begins from Hochma and its Keter is from Ima. From that thought, ways and paths extend to devise the Holy Name and to correct in its proper corrections. The potion of the Garden of Eden extends from that thought to water everything, and the upper and lower exist from that thought. Also, the written Torah, ZA, and the oral Torah, Malchut, were emanated from that thought.

71) Man’s thought is the beginning of everything. Ways and paths extend from that thought to divert one’s ways in this world and in the next world, and from that thought emerges the filth of the evil inclination to harm oneself and all others. Also, transgressions, sins, and evil doing come from that thought, as well as idolatry, incest, and bloodshed. It is written about that, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts.”

72) And because the thought is the beginning of everything, it writes in the beginning, “If his offering is a burnt offering,” since the offering atones for the thought. And it writes, “From the cattle,” but not all cattle, only a male bull and not a cow, female. “A male without blemish, he shall bring it,” a male and not a female, since the male is considered higher than the female. It is so also with the flock: not a female from the sheep and from the goats.

73) Everything that comes to be a burnt offering is male and not female, since the burnt offering rises [“rises” is spelt the same as offering in Hebrew] over the heart, meaning on the thought, which is above the heart. It is known that the one who stands over the heart is the thought, since the thought, which is Hochma [wisdom], is regarded as male and the heart as female, Bina [understanding]—the heart understands—for she receives from Hochma. This is why a burnt offering rises up and they are all males, and this is why the writing begins with a burnt offering more than all other offerings, since the thought is the beginning of everything.

74) Thus, in the place of the thought above, he should have offered the burnt offering to the Sefira Hochma. Why is it offered to Yesod below? The beginning of everything is the thought, the Sefira Hochma, the beginning of ZA, and the end of the thought is a place called “morning.” This is the end of the perfuming body, the NukvaYesodSium de ZA, which is called a Guf [body].

Similarly, man’s thought is the beginning of everything. The end of that thought is when the act that he contemplated is done; then the thought is concluded. When is that? In the morning, as it is written, “Woe to those who scheme iniquity, who work out evil.” When? “On their beds. When morning comes, they do it.” The morning light implies Yesod, hence the thought in the burnt offering rises to the place of thought, which is Hochma, and the action of the offering approaches the conclusion of the thought, which is Yesod.

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