Lilith Was with Man in the Beginning

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315) “Now if the whole congregation of Israel commits error … and they become guilty.” It is written, “Rise up, you women who are at ease, and hear my voice.” How much should one regard the glory of one’s Master to be a whole creation before the Creator? When the Creator created man, He created him whole, as it is written, “That God made the man upright.” “The man” indicates that they were male and female, and the female was included in the male. Then it writes, “Upright,” and after that, “But they sought out many calculations.”

316) There is one Nukva from the hole of the great high deep, a spirit over all the spirits, whose name is Lilith. She was present with the man in the beginning, that is, she was his Nukva. And when the man was created and his body was completed, a thousand spirits came upon that body from the left side. One wished to enter him and another wished to enter him, but they could not, until the Creator rebuked them. And the man was laying, a spiritless body, and his appearance was green. And all those spirits were surrounding him.

317) Then, a cloud came down and repelled all those spirits that surrounded the man. At that time, “And God said, ‘Let the earth bring forth the living soul [Nefesh],’” and Nukva, the Malchut, was impregnated by the male, ZA, with that soul of the first man [Adam ha Rishon]. And she, Malchut, brought out that spirit [Ruach, but also wind], to blow in that man, who was made of male and female, as it is written, “And breathed into his nostrils a soul of life, and man became a living soul,” made of male and female, and this living soul consists of all of them.

318) When Adam rose, after he received the living soul, his Nukva was stuck to his side and the holy soul in him expanded to the side of the male and to the side of the female. She was sufficient for both, for the male and for the female, since she consisted of male and female. Afterwards the Creator cut off the man and corrected his Nukva [female], as it is written, “And the Lord God built the rib,” meaning side, as it is written, “Side of the tabernacle.” He brought her to the man, who brought her in her corrections as a bride to the Huppah [wedding canopy].

319) When Lilith saw it, she fled, and she is in the beach-cities, and even now she is poised to harm the people of the world. When the Creator destroys the evil Rome and it is ruined forever, this Lilith will rise from the sea and He will place her in the ruins of Rome, since she is the destruction of the world. It is written about that, “Yes, Lilith shall repose there, and shall find her a place of rest.”

320) In the books of the ancient ones, they said that Lilith fled the man even before, before Eve was erected. But this is not so because this Nukva, Lilith, was with him. Yet, as long as Eve was not established with Adam, Lilith was mating with him. And when Eve was established with him, Lilith fled to the sea, and she is destined to harm the world.

321) The cure for that, so that Lilith will not be able to harm, is that when the man bonds with his wife to bear, he will aim his heart to his Master’s holiness and say, “The one who is wrapped in a sheet,” which is Lilith, who is wrapped and always wails, since the name Lilith is from the word Yelalah [wailing], has come.” “Run away, run away, you will not come in and you will not go out, not yours and not of your share. Go back, go back, the sea is storming; its waves are calling you. I am holding onto the holy part; I am wrapped in the King’s holiness.”

322) Then he should cover his head and the head of his wife for an hour, and similarly every time he bonds, until three days from the reception of the seed, since any seed that the woman does not receive within three days, she will not receive.

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