Moses, Aaron, and Miriam

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47) How much good the Creator does to Israel in each and every generation. It is written, “And I sent before you Moses, Aaron, and Miriam.” But there were several prophets after Moses; hence, it should have said, “And I sent before you Moses, Aaron, Eliezer, Pinehas, Joshua, Elijah, Elisha,” and the rest of the righteous and pious. But the Creator said, “My People, My children, why do you not remember all the good that I have done for you, sending you Moses, Aaron, and Miriam?”

48) This is like a flesh and blood king, who has a state, and he sends there people, rulers, and ministers, to manage the people and to observe them and their judgments. Who is it who must be tied and committed to their nourishments and the things that they consume? Is it not the state? Against their will they must look out for them so they will not lack anything and will give them respect.

49) I have sent Moses. He brought you manna to eat and lead you and your sons and your stock, and he spoke on your behalf and toiled for everything that you needed. I sent you Aaron, who brought palaces of clouds of glory to cover you as kings. He bathed you with dew of honor so your clothes and shoes would not rot. They gave you of theirs and you ate and drank and sat under their canopy of glory, and you gave nothing of your own. Moreover, they spoke for you and took your load on their necks, and you cursed and reviled them.

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