Need Not Enter the Ark

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385) Woe to the people in the world who do not know that ignominy; woe to that punishment that they are punished, that all who wish it enter a coffin after his death. This is because only a righteous should enter a coffin, one who knows in his soul and recognizes in himself that he never sinned in that covenant, the token of the holy covenant, and kept it as he should have. If not, he should not enter a coffin after his death, thus blemishing the ark, for the flaw reaches up to the ark of the covenant.

386) A man should connect to the token of the holy covenant, Yesod de ZA, and not to the Sitra Achra, since the ark, which implies Malchut, connects only with the righteous who keeps the token of the holy covenant. One who blemishes the covenant and enters a coffin, woe to him who flawed it in his life, woe to him who flawed it in his death. Woe to him from that punishment, woe to him who flawed the token of the covenant and the holy ark of the covenant. Woe to that ignominy, for he is avenged everlasting vengeance, the revenge of this world and the revenge of that flaw, as it is written, “For the scepter of wickedness shall not rest upon the fate of the righteous.”

387) When he is sentenced in that world, his actions are considered. If he flawed the holy covenant, which is sealed in his flesh, and now he is blemishing his coffin, this one has no part among the righteous. He is observed, sentenced, and excluded from being a man. When he is excluded from being a man, he is excluded from all the others who are intended for everlasting life, and he is placed on that side that is not included in man, the Sitra Achra. When he is given to that side, woe to him, for he is placed in Hell and never comes out of it, as it is written, “And they shall come out and look at the carcasses of the men that have rebelled against Me.” They remain and are not included in being considered as man.

388) These words apply only when he did not make complete repentance, which can cover for all his actions. And yet, it is better for him to not enter a coffin because as long as the body exists, the soul is sentenced and does not enter its place, except for those superior and holy righteous who are worthy of rising up in their bodies. Happy are they in this world and in the next world.

389) Because there is no worse transgression before the Creator than lying and blemishing the token of the holy covenant, this one does not see the face of Divinity. It is written about this transgression, “And Er, Judah’s first-born, was wicked in the eyes of the Lord.” It is also written, “Evil shall not dwell with you,” for this iniquity is called “evil.”

390) It is written, “And Bezalel made the ark.” Why did those sages who make the tabernacle not make the ark? Bezalel was at the degree of the Sium of the body, the holy covenant, and he kept it. This is why he stands in the portion of his lot, which is the ark that he made, the Malchut. He exerted in his work, and no other.

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