Palaces of Kedusha

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471) These palaces are poised to establish the order of the praise of the Creator, between the order that stands in words and the order that stands in will. It is so because there is an order applied in words, and there is an order applied in will and in the aim of the heart, to know and to look through Ein Sof, where all desires and thoughts are pinned, and which is not at all expressible in words. Rather, as it is concealed, so are all the words concealed.

472) In all the palaces, all the orders have one rule: to include the lower palaces in the upper palaces.

473) When Moses established his prayer for Israel, he prolonged this prayer because it is a prayer that stands above, in ZA. When he established his prayer in brief, praying for his sister, he did not prolong this prayer because it stands below, in Malchut, as it is written, “Please, Lord, please heal her,” and he did not prolong further. Because he is the master of the house—Malchut is called “house,” and Moses is a Merkava for ZA, who is Malchut’s master—he commanded his house properly. This is why he did not prolong his prayer. Also, all the arrangements in the palaces are to instill Divinity in the world.

The length of the prayer, Torah, that extends the abundance from above downward, applies only in ZA. The brevity of the prayer, Torah, which extends only from below upward, applies in the abundance of illumination of Hochma from Malchut. This is why the lower palaces must be included in the upper palaces, and it is forbidden to draw the abundance directly from the upper palaces down to the lower ones. In principle, they are three kinds of Hitkalelut [mingling]. It was said, “All the arrangements in the palaces are to instill Divinity in the world,” for it is impossible to extend her unless through Hitkalelut of the lower ones in the upper ones, from below upward.

474) Happy are you, Adam HaRishon, the chosen one among all creations present in the world, for the Creator has made you greater than all and had let you into the Garden of Eden, and established for you seven canopies in which to play in the pleasure of the sublime delight, as it is written, “To behold the pleasantness of the Lord, and to visit in His palace.” “To behold the pleasantness of the Lord” above in ZA, “And to visit in His palace” below, in Malchut. “To behold the pleasantness of the Lord” in those seven firmaments above, of ZA, “And to visit in His palace,” in those seven firmaments below, of Malchut. These stand opposite those.

475) In all of them, the seven firmaments of ZA and the seven firmaments of Malchut, You stood in the Garden of Eden. The seven upper holy canopies, firmaments of ZA, stood over you, above, to be crowned in them. These are Hassadim. And those seven lower firmaments, of Malchut, you stood in them to play in them, and they are illumination, called “entertainments.” In all of them, your Master complemented you, to be whole in everything, whether in Hassadim or in Hochma.

476) Until you were deflected by the counsel of the wicked serpent and were expelled from the Garden of Eden, causing death to you and to the entire world, for you had left those enjoyments above and below, following those impure cravings, called “vipers’ head,” after which the body follows, and not the spirit, as it is written, “And a cruel vipers’ head,” who is cruel to the spirit. Finally, Abraham the pious came and began to mend the world, and entered the holy faith, establishing above and below—in those upper firmaments, and in those lower firmaments.

477) The lower firmaments of Malchut are palaces for the upper firmaments of ZA, to unite and to connect with one another. Here we should detail the matters and establish the unification as it should be, so the friends will not err and will go in the straight path, as it is written, “For the ways of the Lord are upright; the righteous shall walk in them.”

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