The End of All Flesh

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941) One who saw death in his dream, death was his sentence, but he was saved from it, since he is the side of Tuma’a. This is called “the end of all flesh.”

942) Does this “End of all flesh” enjoy those offerings that Israel sacrifice on the altar or not? Everyone would be satisfied as one, above and below.

943) Priests, Levites, and Israel, the three lines together—right, left, and middle—are called man, by uniting the holy desires that rise from them to MAN. The priests with their work, the Levites with their singing, and Israel with their stance. And before he offers that sheep or lamb or that beast that is offered on that altar, he must confess on it all the sins, all the iniquities, and all the evil thoughts that he thought, and then the offering is called “a beast” in all of it—in those sins, evils, and thoughts.

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