The Meaning of the Four Letters HaVaYaH

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146) “And God said, ‘Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.’” If not for the firmament, which separates between the upper water and the lower water, meaning right and left in the dispute, there would be division in the world. But this firmament, the middle line, made peace between them. Also, the world exists only on peace. The Creator is called, “peace,” He is peace and His name is “Peace,” and all is tied in peace. He is peace means ZA. His name is peace refers to the Malchut, who is called “name.” And all is tied in peace refers to Yesod, which connects everything. This high, Holy Name is all peace, all His degrees, and He is all one. Also, His ways divide into this side and that side, to the right and to the left.

147) The Yod of the Holy Name connects in three ties. For this reason, there is one tip in it above, one tip below, and one tip in the middle, since three ties hang down in her. The tip above is the upper Keter, above all the upper ones, the head of all the heads and stands atop all of them.

148) The tip in the middle of the Yod is another head, since there are three heads in the Yod, each with its own head. This is why the tip in the middle is a different head, which comes out of the tip above, and it is the head of all the heads, to build the Holy Name from it. This head is concealed from everything and is called Hochma, which emanates from the first Rosh [head], the upper Keter.

149) The bottom tip is the other, bottom tip of the Yod. It is Bina, the head to water the garden, Malchut. This is the fountain of water from which all the plantings are watered, since all the Mochin of ZON and BYA extend from the Bina.

This is the meaning of the Yod that has three ties in her, KHB. This is also why she is called “a chain,” since she is like a three-ring chain that are tied to one another.

150) It is written in the book of Enoch that when he was shown the wisdom of the high secrets and he saw the tree of the Garden of Eden, ZA, the tree of life within the garden, he was shown the bottom HochmaMalchut, as an upper one, in the unification of ZA, to which he is superior. He saw that all the worlds were connected to each and all stood on the YodHochma, and were built from it and hung down, as it is written, “In wisdom have You made them all,” and he saw that they were all shaken by the fear of their master and were all named after him.

151) In King Solomon’s book, he said that the expansion of the Yod is in a chain of three rings, included in the ties of her body: 1) the fear of everything, Keter, that everyone is shaken by the fear of him; 2) the concealment of paths, the concealed Hochma; 3) one deep river—Bina.

152) Afterwards, he explained in detail about the letters of the name HaVaYaH. The house in its completeness is the first Yod, as it is written, “Through wisdom is a house built.” This is the construction of everything. The perfection of the Holy Name is Yod, the head of everything, the father of everything, Hochma. The Vav of the filling of Yod is a son that he bore and that came out of him, ZA, from whom comes the Dalet of the filling of Yod, the daughter and the queen, Malchut, in whose hands are all the Dinim. These are the ZON in Hochma, which are hidden in all the worlds, from which the upper ones, ZON de Atzilut, emerge, and upper and lower together are nourished by them. This is so because ZON de Hochma are YESHSUTBina, from which all the worlds emerge and nourish—the upper ones, ZON de Atzilut, and the lower ones, BYA. Thus, the Yod is the wholeness of everything, and the Holy Name HaVaYaH is completed in her and concealed within her.

153) The Yod brought everything out and tied everything in a single tie in one another. The YodHochma, brought that river out of her, meaning Bina, since ZON de Hochma became Bina, as it is written, “And a river went out of Eden to water the garden,” meaning the first Hey of HaVaYaH. This is so because the VavDalet of the filling of Yod, meaning ZON de Hochma, were formed into a Hey—the shape of Dalet over a VavBina. This is the upper ImaYESHSUT.

154) And that river, Bina, brought out two children, ZA and Malchut, who are nourished by her. Afterwards, two children come out, ZA and Malchut, and the daughter is nourished by the son, which is Vav. This son is the king that peace is his, TifferetZA. Afterwards, the Hey, the daughter, Malchut, is nourished by the Vav. It turns out that the Yod is the essence, the root, and the perfection of everything, as it is written, “Through wisdom is a house built.”

There are two states to Malchut:

  1. When she was emanated from Bina in the two great lights, when she was as big as ZA, that is, when ZA clothed the right line of Bina and Malchut, the left line of Bina. At that time, Malchut was nourished by Bina, like ZA, and did not need to receive from ZA. He says about that state that that river produced two children who are nourished by her, meaning both are nourished by Bina. Afterwards, Malchut was diminished into a point under the Yesod and rose to Bina once more, where she was rebuilt, as it is written, “And the Lord God built the rib,” and she came to the second state.
  2. She becomes a degree below ZA and is no longer nourished by Bina, but by ZA. He says about that that afterwards two children come out, and the daughter is nourished by the son, meaning that she is no longer nourished by Bina, but by the son, ZA, since she has been diminished and came under the degree of ZA.

155) Ten names were completed and came out of the Yod, the tenth letter in the letters of the alphabet. When the Yod was impregnated with them, she brought them all into the holy river, Bina, and all ten names are concealed in the one, High Name. They are all concealed in the Yod; the Yod contains them; and the Yod elicits them. She is the father of all of them, the father of the patriarchs, HGT.

156) From the Yod emerge VavDalet, her filling, which implies that they are ten, like the Yod. The letters Yod contain within them VavDalet, which are the perfection of everything. VavDalet are male and female where ZA is Vav and Malchut is Dalet, and they are ZON de Hochma. They are called Du [bi], which means two. Hence, Adam was created bi-faced, and those Partzufim [faces] were male and female, such as above. From above downwards, they are called Vad [VavDalet], beginning with VavZA, followed by DaletMalchut. From below upwards they are called Du [“bi” DaletVav], beginning with Malchut and followed by ZA, and it is all one.

The thirteen qualities of Rachamim depend on the Yod, on the upper tip of the YodKeter, in which there are the thirteen corrections of Dikna. Hence, the Yod consists of VavDalet, to indicate the ZON within her, from which they become YESHSUT, which is Bina that returned to being Hochma. This is where all the Mochin emerge, and they are the perfection of everything because the filling of VavDalet in Gematria is ten, meaning that they are as important as she.

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