The Palace of Love, Hesed

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632) The fifth palace is poised to illuminate to the lower ones with faith. It has one door, and its appointee, Sanguria, stands by the door to advocate, which is a good reference about Israel before their Master, and the Sitra Achra will not rule over them.

633) There is one spirit in the palace, comprising four colors—white, black, green, and red, HG TM—a spirit included in all of them. He is called Suria, the minister of all the armies of the lower ones. They are all under him and are appointed while being in his possession.

634) All the keys are given to that spirit who closes and opens, all the armies of the lower ones are included and stand under him, nourished by him. He is into all of his Master’s secrets, and they are all given to him.

635) That spirit is called “love.” For this reason, that palace is called “the palace of love,” for here the secret of secrets is concealed for those who need to obtain it. It is a secret here, as it is written, “There I will give my love to you.”

636) That spirit keeps all the keeping above, and he is called “the keeper of Israel,” “keeper of the covenant,” since here is the keeping of all the upper treasures. Hence, the secrets of his Master are hidden in it. From it, trails and roads come out to those below, to evoke in them the spirit of love.

637) The four colors in him are included in one another. When they wish to be included, they strike each other, and one holy animal, called “radiance,” comes out of all of them. It is written about it, “This is the animal which I saw by the river Chebar.”

638) From that palace comes forth all the holy spirits who exist on the existence of the upper kissing, since out of those kissing comes the air of the wind, to keep the soul [Nefesh] for all those high souls [Neshamot] that were placed in people, as it is written, “For man lives by everything that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord.” This is so because in that palace are all the souls and all the spirits destined to come down to people since the day when the world was created. Hence, that palace holds all those souls that are born out of that river that stretches out, Yesod de ZA. And because of it, that palace is never empty.

639) Since the day when the Temple was ruined, no other souls entered here. And when those run out, when all the souls in the palace come down to clothe in people, the palace will be empty and will be absent from above. At that time the Messiah King will come, and that palace above, Malchut, will awaken, and the palace below will awaken to disclose His kingship in this world.

640) It is written about that palace, “Your two breasts [Shadaim] are like two fawns.” There is the spirit, Ahava [love], and that animal, Zohar [radiance]. By their Hitkalelut, it emits two lights included in one another, connecting in one another, and they are called El Shadai [usually translated as God Almighty, but can also mean “my breasts”]. Those two lights are called Shadai and El, from the palace below, which is called Zechut El. They conjoin and enter one another, and it is called El Shadai because it came out of those Shadaim [breasts].

641) The name El is from the right side, taking from that place all the Rachamim that are poised to feed the palace below, which is called Zechut [merit], after the spirit in it. The name Shadai nurses all the lower ones, the palaces, and those outside, who stand on that side and are called “the stakes of the tabernacle.” This is why he is called Shadai because he gives nourishments to all the lower ones, as he receives from the right side.

642) From here come the lights that are called “The flaming sword that turns every way,” since they turn into several colors and awaken by a mission of above. In the world, they are from the left side. When that spirit, Love, spreads, he beats to elicit lights to all the sides—to the right and to the left—like those breasts that pour out milk to every side. Likewise, lights come out of that spirit to every side, and they elicit another animal, appointed over those who are called “The flaming sword that turns every way.”

643) This one is appointed over the world when hunger is appointed over the world. That animal brings out the spirit of food to all those with faith so they do not starve to death, since when hunger rules in the world, two spirits of Tuma’a come out from the Sitra Achra. They are called Shod [robbery] and Kafan [starvation]. They stand in the world and slander people. One, Shod, sends them hunger and they die; and one, which is Kafan, is when people eat without being full because an evil spirit is ruling over the world.

644) That animal elicited a spark that comes out of the sparkling of two sparks that turn into several colors, at times female and at times male. That spark is called “seraphim,” and it grips them and blazes in them.

645) There are two appointees in that palace. Those are lights that stand over a thousand and ten thousand ten thousands, which are called “vineyards,” and a thousand and ten thousand ten thousands that are called pomegranates. They all stand in love, and they are the ones who bring love between Israel below and the Creator above. All of them evoke love and stand in love. And when the love from below upward and from above downward awakens, the palace is filled with several goods, several Hassadim, and several Rachamim. At that time the love below and the love above cling to one another, meaning the letters BetHey below cling to the letters AlephHey above [creating the word Ahava, “love”].

646) From here come two appointees called “love,” after the palace. They are poised to watch over those who unify the unification of their Master with love, and devote their souls to Him with love, rising and testifying above. And all who do Hesed in the world, those Hassadim rise and enter that palace, where they are crowned and rise up to be crowned in the superior love. It is written about it, “For Your mercy is great above the heavens.” It is written about that palace, “Many waters cannot quench the love.”

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