Then Shall They Give Every Man a Ransom for His Soul

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1) It is written, “The eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous, and His ears are toward their cry.”

2) There is no blessing above for something that is counted. And how are Israel counted? He took from them ransom for their souls, and they did not calculate until all the ransom was collected and reached the number. In the beginning, Israel is blessed when receiving the ransom. Afterwards, they count the ransom and bless Israel once more. It turns out that Israel were blessed in the beginning and in the end, and there was no plague in them.

3) Why is a plague appearing because of the count? It is because there is no blessing in what is counted. And since the blessing disappears, the Sitra Achra is on it and can harm, hence the reception of ransom and redemption, to elevate the count over him.

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