They Made the Ornament

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446) “They made the ornament of the holy crown of pure gold.” It is called “an ornament” because it is available for man to look at, and it is evident to anyone who looks at it whether or not he is righteous.

447) The letters of the holy name were engraved and decorated in decoration, and engraved in the ornament. If he is righteous, the illumination of these letters that are engraved inside the gold would protrude and rise from below upward, from that engraving, and illuminate the face of that man who stood before him.

448) Once, the sparkling would sparkle in him, and once, they would not sparkle. The first time when the priest looked at it, he would see all the illuminations of the letters inside. And when he would look to contemplate it, he would see nothing, but the illumination of his face would shine as though a sparkle that comes out of gold had sparkled in him, and not more. Only the priest would know the vision of the first looking that he would see at the time, and so did every man, since the Creator’s will was in that man who looked in the ornament, and knew that he was summoned to the next world because that vision that illuminated from the letters of the ornament illuminated on him from above, since the Creator desired him. Afterwards, when looking at it to contemplate it, they would see nothing because the vision above appears only for a time.

449) And if a person stands before that ornament and his face does not illuminate even for a time, the holy vision, then the priest would know that he is impudent and he must atone for him, ask for mercy for him.

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