A Blocked Aleph inside a Vav

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185) Vav comprises the letters VavAlephVavVav is ZA, sitting on the throne, on Malchut, as it is written, “Upon the likeness of the throne was an image as the appearance of a man upon it from above,” which is ZAAleph is blocked inside the Vav and does not appear because Aleph is AA clothed with ZA from his Tabur down. He does not appear outside of ZA, as it is written, “By Myself I have sworn, declares the Lord,” since ZA swears by AA who is clothed within him.

This is why Aleph is written but is not read. When we read VavAleph is passive and is not heard in the pronunciation because it points to AA, who is blocked and unattainable. The last Vav is the inclusion of the first. It is Yesod, the Sium of the Guf, which is Tifferet, and the whole of the Guf. This is why the letters are included in one another, VavAlephVav, which is Rosh and SofTifferet and Yesod, which are one. And Aleph is AA clothed in Tifferet.

186) Those two letters, in the same manner as with the letter Vav, it is also with the letter Nun. The bent Nun is the queen, and Vav, which is Yesod, is supported by her, so that Malchut is blessed by it. The stretched Nun [] is expansion of Tifferet, hence the letters are included and united with each other since Tifferet, which is a stretched Nun, imparts to Yesod, who is Vav, and Yesod imparts to Malchut, which is the bent Nun []. The Vav turns her face from the bent Nun and turns her face to the stretched Nun, who is the king, Tifferet, because of the honor of the king. Hence, Yesod turns his face opposite the king, meaning that Yesod and Tifferet are always as one.

187) The letter Mem does not include another letter in it because the letter of the filling is also Mem, except it is an open Mem [] and a blocked Mem []. An open Mem indicates that Malchut is open to receive the abundance from the male. A blocked Mem points to YovelBina, whose ways are blocked. Hence, the Mem is also blocked on all her sides.

And although Bina sometimes expands, she is still considered blocked, as it is written, “A locked garden is my sister, my bride, a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.” The blocked Mem also implies Malchut when she is called a “sealed fountain.”

188) When the holy king remembers Israel for his name and returns the queen to her place, it is written, “And every man shall not be in the tent of meeting when he comes to atone in the holy place.” So is the priest: when he comes to unify the holy name and atone in the holy place, to mate the king and queen, it is written, “And every man shall not be in the tent of meeting when he comes to atone in the holy place.”

189) The priest evokes peace in the world above and below. He enters in the degree of Malchut, washes his body, emerges from that degree to another degree, of ZA, washes his body, and ties the peace to one and to the other, to ZA and Malchut. He sanctifies his hand and they are blessed together. In everything, an act below should be seen so as to evoke its corresponding one above. He must show the clothes he wears so they are such as the act, and he should aim until he establishes everything as it should be, and upper and lower will be blessed.

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