A Star that Struck another Star Three Times

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40) Rabbi Hiya and Rabbi Aha were seated one night before Rabbi Abba. They rose at midnight to engage in Torah. As they stepped outside, they saw a star striking another star three times, blocking its light. All the while, they heard two voices from two sides, a voice to the north and up, and a downward voice. And the downward voice declared and said, “Come in, gather unto your places, for now the keeping of NukvaMalchut, has begun, for the Creator has entered the garden to stroll and to entertain with the righteous in the garden.” Then that voice went silent.

The night divides into four parts: HesedGevuraTifferet, and Malchut. On the first half of the night, the two lines, Hesed and Gevura in Malchut dominate. At midnight, Tifferet, which is the middle line, begins to dominate and sentence and unite the two lines, Hesed and Gevura in Malchut. The Creator, Tifferet, the middle line, enters the Garden of Eden, Malchut, and unites the right and the left in her.

To unite the right and the left, the middle line must extend the Masach de Hirik in both its discernments, in the key and in the lock, since the left does not surrender to unite with the right without them. Also, this Masach diminishes the GAR of the left line and blocks it.

These two actions in the key and lock, which are operated by the Masach de Hirik are called “two voices.” And the two actions in the middle line are the voice of the key that is mitigated in Bina, and the downward voice—the voice of the lock, the voice of the lower Malchut, which was not mitigated in Bina. The voice of the lock—the first act of the middle line—which is the main force that diminishes the left line, declared and said to those clinging to the left line and wishing to extend from the GAR of the left, that voice of the lock told them to gather and return to their places, as in, “If your heart runs, turn back.”

This is so because the guarding of the Malchut had begun. Until midnight, there was no guarding for Malchut’s left line and the wicked could suck from the left line. But now, at midnight, when the middle line rules and has revealed the lock that diminishes the left line and blocks it, there is guarding, so the wicked can no longer suck from the left in Malchut. And the middle line, Malchut, reveals this voice of the lock. After the announcer sounded and everyone saw that the left line has been blocked, it went silent, concealed, so the voice from the north side could dominate. This is the second act in the Masach de Hirik, which comes from the Malchut that is mitigated in Bina, which is a key, so it may re-extend VAK de GAR of the left line. And had the voice of the lock not been silenced, the voice of the key would not have been able to dominate and it would be impossible to extend any measure of GAR.

41a) Rabbi Aha and Rabbi Hiya returned to the house and said, “It must be a time of good will,” the awakening of the assembly of Israel to join with the Holy King, ZA, the middle line. And the assembly of Israel connects to the Creator only out of singing, out of her praise for Him.

Before midnight, during the time of the dominion of the left, its illumination was considered external. This is why it is written that before they received the external illumination from the left, they already saw how the midnight point was arriving and the middle line was shining in both its actions, uniting the left with the right. And then their illumination was considered internality. This is why it is written that they did not come out to receive illumination from the left line, but returned into the house, for the right and the left have already been united through the middle line, and their illumination was considered internality.

During the domination of the left in Malchut, prior to the point of midnight, Malchut—whose essence comes primarily from the left—is remote from Tifferet, from the middle line, which leans to Hassadim and to the right, even though she is dark, without the Hassadim of the middle line. This is like the left line prior to the determining of the middle line. At midnight, when the Creator comes to unite the left with the right in its two actions, Malchut recognized the merit of the Creator, the middle line, due to the perfection of the unity of right and left. And then she united with the Creator.

41b) When the morning comes, the king gives her a thread of grace. At that time, the Hochma in her clothes in Hesed and is completed, as it is written, “And the king held out to Esther the golden scepter that was in his hand.” The king is ZA; Esther is Malchut; and the golden scepter is the thread of grace, which is called “a scepter of God,” when the Hochma in Malchut clothes in it. And do not say that the king holds out the golden scepter only to her, but to her and to all those who join her. Come let us join together.

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