And You Came and Defiled My Land

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291) Rabbi Shimon was purifying the markets of Tiberias. Every dead that was there, he would raise him and purify the land. It is written, “And you came and defiled My land.” Happy is he who has been rewarded in his life with making the holy land his abode. All who have been granted it are rewarded with extending from the dew of heaven above, which descends on the earth. And anyone who has been rewarded with connecting to this holy land during his life is later rewarded with connecting to the upper holy land, Malchut.

292) And anyone who has not been rewarded with the holy land during his life but is brought to be buried there, it is written about him, “And you have made My lot an abomination.” His spirit has come out in another, foreign authority, and his body has come under the authority of the holy land. It is as though he has made the holy secular, and the secular holy. And anyone who has been rewarded with his soul departing in the holy land, his iniquities are atoned and he is rewarded with connecting under the wings of the Shechina, as it is written, “And will atone for His land and His people.” Moreover, if he was rewarded with the holy land during his life, he is rewarded with the holy spirit always being extended on him, and anyone who is dwelling in another authority, abroad, another spirit is extended over him.

293) When Rabbi Hamnuna Saba came up to the holy land, twelve members of his seminary were with him. He said to them, “If I am going this way, it is not for me that I am going, but to return the deposit to its owner.” All those who were not rewarded with the holy land during their lives return their deposit—the soul that was placed in them—to the Sitra Achra.

294) Anyone who lets into the land those evil kinds or another authority, the land is defiled. Woe to that person, woe to his soul, for the holy land will not receive him later. It is written about him, “Let sinners be gone from the earth,” in this world and in the next world. “And let the wicked be no more,” at the revival of the dead. And then it is written, “Bless the Lord, my soul, Hallelujah.”

295) Happy are Israel, whom the Creator desires more than all the idol-worshipping nations. Out of His love for them, He has given them true laws, planted among them the tree of life, ZA, and placed the Shechina among them. It is because Israel are inscribed in a holy inscription in their flesh, and it is apparent that they are His, from the dwellers of His palace.

296) For this reason, all who are not inscribed in a holy inscription in their flesh, who are not circumcised, are not the Creator’s. It is apparent that they all come from the side of Tuma’a, and it is forbidden to connect with them and speak with them of matters concerning the Creator. It is also forbidden to inform them of words of Torah, since the whole Torah is the name of the Creator, and any letter in the Torah connects to His holy name. Hence, anyone who is not inscribed in the holy name in his flesh, it is forbidden to inform him of words of Torah, much less engage with him.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / ACHAREI MOT – click)

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