As the Deer Yearns

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206) “As the deer yearns for the water brooks, so my soul yearns for You, O God.” Happy are Israel more than all the nations because the Creator has given them the holy Torah and has bequeathed them with holy souls from a holy place to do His Mitzvot and delight in the Torah. Anyone who delights in the Torah fears nothing, as it is written, “Were Your law [Torah] not my delight, I would be lost in my affliction.”

207) “My delight” is the Torah, called “delights,” as it is written, “And I will be delighted day by day.” The Creator comes to delight in the Garden of Eden, to delight, so He would rejoice in them. Happy are the righteous, of whom it is written, “Then shall you delight in the Lord,” to be delighted with that potion of the stream, which is Bina, as it is written, “And the Lord will guide you always, and satisfy thy soul in drought.” It seems as though the Creator delights in them from that potion of the stream in which the righteous delight. This is why He comes to be delighted with the righteous. Anyone who engages in Torah is rewarded with being delighted with the righteous from that potion of the stream that is Bina.

208) “As the deer yearns by the water brooks” is the Assembly of Israel, Malchut, as it is written, “My deer, hasten to my assistance,” where “My deer” is Malchut. “Yearns by the water brooks” means to be watered by the potion of the spring of the stream, Bina, by the righteous, Yesod. “Yearns” is as is written, “My beloved went down to his garden, to the beds of perfume.” “So my soul yearns for You, O God,” to be watered by You in this world and in the next world.

209) The springs of the stream. One stream is above, Bina, as it is written, “And a river went out of Eden to water the garden,” Malchut. And all the streams, Sefirot de ZA, which receive from the river, extend and emerge, and gather in two streams, NH de ZA, called “beds of water.” They bestow in a degree called “righteous,” Yesod de ZA, from whom the garden, Malchut, emerges and stretches out, and is watered. For this reason, a deer and a gazelle, which are Tzedek [justice/righteousness] and Tzadik [righteous], Yesod and Malchut, are together. A deer is Malchut and a gazelle is Yesod.

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