Look Not upon Me, that I Am Swarthy

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62) “Look not upon me, that I am swarthy, that the sun has tanned me.” In exile, the moon, Malchut, is covered and says, “Look not upon me.” It is not that she is demanding that we do not see her. But because she sees Israel’s desire to see her light she says, “Look not upon me,” meaning you will not be able to see me; “Look not upon me” because I am swarthy, since I am in the dark.

63) What is swarthy? Should it not have said “Black”? Indeed, there are two kinds of darkness: 1) “That the sun has tanned me,” that the sun, ZA, has parted from me, from shining in me and from looking at me. 2) “My mother’s sons were incensed against me, they made me keeper.”

64) Sheshzaphtany [that has tanned me] implies six, since Sheshzaphtany is made of Shesh [six] Zaphtany. This is so because when the sun—ZA—shines, it shines in six lights, in the six Sefirot HGT NHY. And when it leaves, all six lights leave. “My mother’s sons” are those that come from the side of harsh judgment to punish for the sins. “Were incensed against me,” as in, “My throat is dried” [there is similarity of words and pronunciation in Hebrew]. It is written, “To our very necks we are pursued,” since when Israel came to the exile, their hands were tied behind them and millstones were around their necks, and they could not open their mouths, as it is written, “My throat is dried.”

65) “They made me keeper of the vineyards,” to go into exile and to keep the rest of the nations for Israel. “But I have not kept my own vineyard,” for I cannot keep them as in the beginning. In the beginning, I was keeping my own vineyard, Israel, and from it, the rest of the vineyards—which are the nations—were kept. Now I keep the rest of the vineyards for my own vineyards, so it will be kept among them.

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