That You May Know There Is a Judgment

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1) People should guard their way and fear the Creator so they do not stray from the straight path or breach the words of Torah or move away from it.

2) All who does not engage in Torah and does not exert in it is reproached by the Creator, he is far from Him, Divinity is not over him, and those guardian angels that walk with him to guard him, depart him. Moreover, they declare before him and say, “Do not be around so and so for he does not care for the glory of his Master.” Woe unto him, for the upper ones and lower ones have left him and he has no part in the path of life.

3) And when he exerts in the work of his Master and engages in Torah, several guards are ready to guard him, and Divinity is over him, and they all declare before him and say, “Give honors to the form of the King, Give honors to the king’s son,” and he is kept in this world and in the next. Happy is he.

4) With slander, which the serpent said to the woman, he caused Adam and the woman to be sentenced to death, as well as the whole world. With slander, it is written, “And their tongue a sharp sword.” This is why it is written, “Be afraid of the sword,” of slander, “For wrath brings the punishments of the sword.”

It is written, “The sword of the Lord is filled with blood,” The Creator has a sword with which He sentences the wicked. It is also written, “My sword shall devour flesh,” which is Malchut from its side of judgment. It is written, “Be afraid of the sword, for wrath brings the punishments of the sword, that you may know there is a judgment,” meaning know that this is how it is judged. And it writes Shedin [there is judgment], that anyone with a sword in his tongue who slanders, the sword that consumes all awaits him, which is Malchut in the discernment of judgment in her, as it is written, “This shall be the law of the leper.” Malchut, called “this,” judges the leper, and since he slandered, afflictions come in return for slander.

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