The Filth of the Nails

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404) The filth of the nails will evoke the filth of the serpent. For this reason, they must be cut. One who removes them completely, who burns them, it is as though he evokes Hesed in the world. One must not give remembrance to the evil kinds, since 1,405 evil kinds grip to the filth that the strong serpent had cast, and all awaken in that filth of the nails.

The matter of the filth of the nails that the serpent had cast in the Nukva is the disclosure of the Man’ula. With it, all the lights of the NukvaMalchut, are flawed. There are three numbers: 125 kinds of Tuma’a; 24 kinds of Tuma’a, and 1,405 evil kinds. These correspond to three lights in the three names of the NukvaElokimADNIATAH [AlephTavHey], from which the Sitra Achra sucks and to which she grips, as it is written, “God has made one opposite the other.”

120 combinations of Elokim de Kedusha expand from the name Elokim of Kedusha through other Elokim [gods], after which begin other gods. Masecha [mask] is 125 in Gematria. These are the 120 combinations of Elokim, and the five letters Elokim from which the Sitra Achra sucks.

Also, the five letters Elokim are five Sefirot KHB TM, and two inclusions apply in them. In the first Hitkalelut [inclusion/mingling], the five Sefirot KHB TM are included in one another, and they are twenty-five Sefirot. The second Hitkalelut comprises KHB TM in each of the twenty-five Sefirot, so they are 125 Sefirot: five systems of twenty-five Sefirot, where the first system is from Keter, the second system from Hochma, and the third system from Bina. The fourth system is from Tifferet, and the fifth system is from Malchut.

There are twenty-four combinations in the name ADNI, and the serpent grips and sucks from these combinations that have departed from the Nukva due to his filth. These twenty-four combinations of ADNI are twelve in ZA, HB TM in each are three lines, which are twelve. There are also those twelve in Malchut, her HB TM, and in each, three lines. When they are included in one another there are twenty-four in ZA, and twenty-four in Malchut, and the serpent grips to the twenty-four of ZA, too, to the extent that it is included in Malchut.

Malchut is also called ATAH [AlephTavHey], which indicates the measure of Mochin in her. The Mochin are HB, right and left. HG are right and left in DaatMalchut is essentially from the left line, hence in wholeness she has only Mochin de BinaHB TM de Bina, which is from the left. And because the Sefirot of Bina are hundreds, she has four-hundred. However, she also has illumination from Hochma, whose digits are 1,000, hence she has 1,400.

The Daat includes five Hassadim from the right, and five Gevurot from the left. Malchut has only five Gevurot of the left. This is why Malchut is named ATAH [AlephTavHey]. And when the serpent casts filth, uncovering the Man’ula concealed in Malchut, these Mochin depart from her, and the serpent clings to the place of deficiency. For this reason, she has 1,405 evil kinds.

405) Even one who performs charms on people with the nails because of those harm-doers who are hanging on them, and one who removes them, meaning burns them, it is as though he increases Hesed [mercy] in the world. Then there are no evil Dinim, and that filth will be cancelled, as well as her nails, inscribed in filth. And one who steps with one’s feet or one’s shoes on the nails might be harmed.

As with the remnants of the residue of filth of above, it is even more so with the woman who received and connected with the serpent, and he cast filth in her. Woe to the world that receives from her at that time, receiving from that filth. This is why it is written, “And you shall not approach a woman … during her menstrual impurity.” That is, do not receive from Malchut while the serpent connects to her because of the iniquity of the lower ones, and casts filth in her.

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