The Plague of Leprosy

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88) “When the plague of leprosy is in a man, then he shall be brought unto the priest.” The friends evoked all the colors of this affliction in him, and the priest knew them, to purify and to defile. He knew that they were pangs of love, or those that are found in those whose Master despises and turns away from them, since the plague is caused in the world according to man’s ways.

89) It is written, “Incline not my heart to any evil thing, to be occupied in deeds of wickedness.” We learn from this that when a person wishes to walk, he is walked, and that the Creator lures a person to walk by the way of sin and to do evil deeds, for he says, “Incline not my heart to any evil thing.” Thus, there is no judgment in this world or in the next world, and the Torah is not established, for it is written of her, “Whether you hear or do not hear.” Thus, does it all depend on man?

90) However, David warned his heart with his words, “Incline not my heart to any evil thing,” to lead it in the path of truth, as it is written, “And lay it to thy heart.” “And lay it” means one must rehearse with the heart—once, twice, and thrice—to lead it on the path of truth and to caution it. And this is what he told him, “Incline not my heart to any evil thing,” for an evil thing causes affliction in the world. Then there is judgment in the world, the plague of leprosy.

91) Leprosy means closing, since it closes the upper lights and does not open. And when it closes and does not open, it is called “a plague.” The patriarchs, HGT, are not nourished, for they do not receive light, and all the more so the sons, NHY. It is written, “When the plague of leprosy is in a man,” meaning actually in Adam, in ZA, who is HaVaYaH with Alephs, which is Adam in Gematria. And from here it descends to the lower Adam, who caused it, and blocks his light, and there is affliction for all by that closing of lights.

92) This is the meaning of the thing. It is written, “He has abhorred His sanctuary,” when the lights of the Temple, Malchut, were closed because the people of the world caused it with their iniquities. It is written, “He has defiled the sanctuary of the Lord.” “Defiled,” since ZA departed and the harsh serpent is present and casts filth and defiles, and all because of the iniquities of the world.

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