Therefore Maidens Love You

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45) All the sacrifices and all the offerings are the Creator’s contentment. But there is no such contentment before Him as incense because incense is more praiseworthy than all. For this reason, it would be offered to the Holy of Holies in a whisper. This is also why all the people were not punished with the rest of the sacrifices and offerings as with the incense, for the whole service of the Creator was offered and connected here more than in anything. This is why it is called Ketoret [incense] because Ketoret is connecting in Aramaic.

46) “Your oils have a good fragrance, your name is like oil poured forth.” “A good fragrance,” since the fragrance of the incense is finer and more praiseworthy than all. And when the fragrance rises to connect with that anointing oil of the streams of the fountain, which are the Sefirot of ZA, they awaken one another and connect together. Then these oils are good for lighting, as it is written, “Your oils have a good fragrance.”

Oil is Hassadim. Fragrance is illumination of Hochma, which illuminates from below upward, from Malchut. This Hochma illuminates only in the clothing of Hassadim de ZA. Through the incense, the fragrance is raised from Malchut to Hassadim de ZA, to clothe in them.

Hassadim de ZA, too, which are called “oils,” become revealed through illumination of Hochma, and the fragrance, illumination of Hochma, connects to the oil. The oil is Hassadim, and it appears in the illumination of Hochma by absorbing the scent. Then these oils are good for lighting.

47) And then the oil is poured forth from degree to degree by these degrees called by the holy name, Malchut, as it is written, “Your name is oil poured forth, therefore maidens love you.” Alamot [maidens] are Olamot [worlds], for because the oil was poured forth to Malchut, which is called “name,” all the worlds receive from her.

Maidens are degrees, which are considered Hassadim, called Alamot [maidens] from the word He’elem [concealment]. It is all one because the name Olamot [worlds] is also after their being concealed.

48) Worlds are as it is written, “[she] gives prey to her household, and a portion to her maids,” which are the seven palaces of Beria that serve Malchut. They are called “seven maidens.” These maids of hers, who are maidens, “love you,” to bless your name and sing before you. And from their blessings are found in all the lower ones, and upper and lower are blessed.

49) “Therefore maidens love you.” That is, they love you to death, since the accusers are perfumed in oil, Hassadim, for Alamot [maidens] has the letters of Mavet [death]. When Hochma is in Malchut without HassadimDinim that are as harsh as death are drawn from her. Because of it, Malchut and her degrees love to cling to ZA, who is Hassadim, as it is written, “Therefore maidens love you,” for separation from you is as hard as death.

The incense is illumination of Hochma, and connects with the oil of the highest virtue, Hassadim. It is more important to the Creator than all the sacrifices and offerings. The Assembly of Israel, Malchut, said, “I am as incense,” since Malchut is the lower Hochma, “And you,” ZA, “are as oil,” Hassadim. This is why it is written, “Therefore maidens love you. Draw me, we will run after you.” “We will run” is in plural form, meaning I and all my hosts, since everyone grips to me. Hence, “Draw me,” for they are hanging onto me.

50) “The king has brought me to his chambers; we will be glad and rejoice in you.” If the King brings me to His chambers, “We will be glad and rejoice in you,” I and all My hosts. All the hosts, when the Assembly of Israel is glad and blessed, everyone is glad. At that time there is no Din [judgment] in the world. This is why it is written, “Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice.”

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