Twelve and This

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106) The tie of faith is tied in the thirteen qualities of RachamimMalchut, so there are blessings to all. All the faith of the Creator was blocked in three lines, which are thirteen because they illuminate in each of the four Sefirot HG TM in her, three times four is twelve, and with the general Malchut they are thirteen. This is why the Torah is crowned with thirteen qualities, as has been explained in the Baraita of Rabbi Ishmael concerning deduction, drawing conclusions by comparing words, etc. And the holy name, Malchut is crowned with it.

107) When Jacob wanted his sons to be blessed with the name of the faith, it is written, “All these are the tribes of Israel, twelve, and this is what their father said to them, and he blessed them.” “Twelve” and “this” are thirteen, since the Shechina, called “this,” participated with them and the blessings were kept. It is written about it, “Each according to his blessing, he blessed them.” “According to his blessing” is as above, which are the thirteen qualities of Rachamim, as is the blessing of each and every quality.

108) All those qualities of Malchut rise, are crowned, and rest on one head [Rosh], ZA, and there the Rosh of the king is crowned. It is the one who is called on a high level of piousness, meaning ZA, whose Hesed becomes Hochma, and pious who adhere to ZA inherit all the glory of above, which is Malchut with her thirteen qualities in this world, which is Malchut.

“Sing upon their beds” in the next world, Bina, and know how to connect the connection of faith as it should be. And then, as it is written, “A double-edged sword in their hand.” A double-edged sword blazes in two DinimDinim of the left, and Dinim of the Masach, as it is written, “To execute vengeance on the nations.”

109) But Rabbi Pinhas son of Yair is the Sefira of Hesed, the upper Rosh de ZA, whose Hesed became Hochma, which is Rosh. For this reason he inherits the high glory and ties the upper connection, holy connection, the tie of faith, the unification of ZA and Malchut. Happy is he in this world and in the next world. It is written about that table, “This is the table that is before the Lord.” Rabbi Pinhas arose and blessed.

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