All the Nations Do Not Move; Only Israel

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114) Why is it that all the nations in the world do not move except for Israel: when they engage in Torah they move to and fro without having learned it from anyone in the world, and they cannot stand still.

115) People do not know and do not notice. Woe to people who walk as beasts of the field, without intelligence. This matter differs between the holy souls of Israel and the souls of the rest, idol worshipping nations. The souls of Israel were cut off from the burning holy candle, Malchut, as it is written, “The Lord’s candle is man’s soul.” When that candle is lit by the upper Torah, ZA, the light does not rest on it even for a minute, as it is written, “O God, do not remain quiet,” written about Malchut.

It is written similarly about the souls, which mention the Creator, “Do not be quiet,” meaning you have no quiet. Because the light of the candle grips to the wick, that light never rests. Rather, the light moves to and fro and never rests.

116) Likewise are Israel, whose souls are from that same candlelight, Malchut. When he says one word of Torah, the light burns and they cannot be still. Rather, they move to and fro and to all the sides, like candlelight, for it is written, “The Lord’s candle is man’s soul.”

117) It is written, “You are men.” It means that you are called “men” and the nations of the world are not called “men.” The souls of the idol worshipping nations are from quenched straw, without any light on them. For this reason, they are quiet and do not move, since they have no Torah and are not lit up by it, and no light is in them. For this reason, they are standing as wood inside the fire, burning without the light that is on them, hence they are still and without any light.

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