At Times They Are Silent, at Times They Murmur

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313) The third correction is the order of the speaking of the prayer, in which there are murmuring animals of fire. This is the verse, “And I saw what appeared like electrum, as a vision of fire, a house around her.” This is the electrum, animals of fire, at times silent, at times murmuring. They are the crowd that listens to the reading of the book of Torah, who rush to the book of Torah when the speaking comes out from the reader’s mouth. It is considered for them as though they are receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai. And when the Creator says, “I,” not a sound is heard, nor any speech of the animals, but His. Therefore, since the reader in the Torah is in the place of the Creator in Sinai, they must be silent at that time.

314) Whenever the speech comes from the mouth of the Creator, the animals of fire are silent, for then is the time of the unification of voice and speech, the Hochma stops, and the governance of Hassadim begins. This is the meaning of “silent.” And when He is silent, when there is still no unification between voice and speech, the animals of fire murmur. It is written about it, “And all the people were seeing the voices,” the voice of the roaring animals, and the torches that were coming out as the animals spoke in several kinds of tune before the king. This was before the Creator began to speak. And when He said, “I,” the animals were silent, and only His was heard.

Those who are silent during the reading of the book of Torah are in the shapes of these animals—they are silent when the Creator speaks. The Creator commanded to admit the animals into a room “a vision of fire, a house around her.” These are the harsh Dinim that appear at the time of disclosure of Hochma. The Creator established these Dinim to be circling them as though they were a house for them, to keep them from the outer ones, so they do not suckle from them.

315) Those who are silent in the prayer during the eighteen blessings, as there is the unification, will enter the room of this vision, as it is written, “as a vision of fire, a house around her.” This will be their reward in the future. Those who are silent for the law, who keep still in order to hear and to understand the law from their rav—for the reward of the law is understanding—will enter the room in the palace of that vision of the Torah, which is fire. It is written about it, “‘Is My word not as fire?’ Says the Lord; ‘and like a hammer that shatters the rock?’” This is the rock of which it is written, “And speak to the rock before their eyes, that it may yield its water,” which is Malchut.

The waters of Torah come out corrected for those who engage in Torah Lishma [for her sake], and it is written about them, “And the congregation drank, and their cattle.” Those who do not engage in it Lishma, bitter waters come out to them, and it is written about them, “And they made their lives bitter with hard work,” which is a question, “in mortar,” which is all the more so, “and in brick,” which is the scrutinizing [the same letters as “brick” in Hebrew] of laws.

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