Four Redemptions

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747) “All the souls of the house of Jacob … sixty-six”—sixty for the awakening of the first Messiah, and six for the awakening of the second Messiah, leaving six years for the number seventy-two at which time will be the complete redemption. That is, a thousand years, which is the whole of the fifth millennium, which is all ruin, and 272 years for the sixth millennium, to keep in them the verse, “Six years you shall sow your field, and six years you shall prune your vineyard,” which are two times six after 1060. And then, “and gather in its crop,” meaning that there will be the gathering of the exiles. Israel are called “crop,” as it is written, “Israel was holy to the Lord, His first crop.”

748) If redemption is for 1,272 years, why is it written above, Ranu [sing (256 in Gematria)] with gladness for Jacob,” which means that in the year 1,256 will be the redemption? However, four redemptions are predicted, opposite the four Passover cups, HB TM, because Israel were scattered in the four directions of the world, HB TM. Those who are from the far away nations are redeemed first, in 1,256, the second ones in 1260, the third ones in 1266, and the fourth in 1272.

749) These redemptions will be in the four animals of the Merkava [chariot/assembly]—lion, ox, eagle, man—in the name HaVaYaH that is riding on them, as it is written, “That You rode on Your horses, on Your chariots of salvation.” Opposite them, four banners and twelve tribes will awaken in three HaVaYot [pl. of HaVaYaH]: “The Lord [HaVaYaH] is king,” “The Lord will be king,” “The Lord will be king forever and ever.” There are twelve letters in them, opposite twelve tribes, and twelve faces in the three patriarchs, three lines HGT, of which it was said, “The fathers are indeed the chariot.”

There are four animals in the Merkava: the face of a lion, ox, eagle, and man, each with three lines HGT, hence they are twelve faces. These ten tribes imply a thousand years, and two tribes imply two hundred years. Seventy-two names in three HaVaYot hang down from twelve letters, since those twelve letters exist in each Sefira of HGT NHY de ZA. It follows that they are six times twelve, which are seventy-two. They are seventy-two years after 1,200, hence the intimation that after 1,272 years will be the redemption. Know that all the ends presented in The Zohar imply that then it is a favorable time to receive Israel’s repentance, and if they repent, they will be redeemed.

750) Seventy-two names are twenty-four to each of the three animals, HGT. Divide the seventy-two in six Sefirot HGT NHY and you have twelve in each Sefira. If you divide the name AB [72] in only three Sefirot HGT, then each Sefira contains twenty-four. The meaning of twenty-four is as it is written, “And they called to each other and said, ‘Holy! Holy! Holy is the Lord of hosts.’” There are three groups of angels, each with twenty-four shapes. One group says, “Holy!” Another group says “Holy!” and a third group says “Holy!” All this is in the illumination of the name AB, since three groups together are AB. Promptly, the left awakens in forty-two letters in the name MemBet [42], which execute judgment on Amalek.

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