The Merkava of Matat

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198) There is a Merkava below NHY de ZA, and it is Matat, called “the small Adam [man].” In his Merkava, which is the PARDESS, the water of the Torah is pursued like a river whose water is pursued and run with great force to the side of the sea. They emerge from his PARDESS to three out of four, of whom it was said, “Four entered a PARDESS: Ben Azai, Ben Zoma, Elisha Ben Avoya, who were harmed due to the current of the thrust of the water of Hochma, called PARDESS. The exception was Rabbi Akiva, who entered in peace and emerged in peace.”

The Merkava of Matat are four angels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael. This Merkava is called PARDESS. It was said about it, four entered the PARDESS. And the Hochma that emerges from that PARDESS is called “water,” the water with which Ben Azai, Ben Zoma, Elisha Ben Avoya failed, except for Rabbi Akiva, who entered in peace and emerged in peace.

199) Matat is the bird that Rabah Bar, Bar Hanah saw at the shore of the sea of Torah. The sea, Malchut, spreads and reaches his ankles, the Sium [end] of his NH, called “ankles.” His head reaches the height of the sky, ZA, and those who fail in it, which are the PARDESS, the three of them failed in it not because there is a lot of water of Hochma in it, but because the water of Hochma in it—which are acrid and strong, with Dinim—are pursued.

200) The letters, AlephBetGimel, include the Merkava of Matat, since AlephBetGimel are six in Gematria, opposite the six letters in the name, Matat. The fourth letter, Dalet, is a silent voice, Malchut, where the king comes. It is Adam, to sit on the throne, since Malchut is Adam sitting on the Matat’s throne.

201) There are two letters Yod [] in the shape of the Aleph []. The upper Yod is upper water, ZA, and the lower Yod is lower water, Malchut. There is only a hairsbreadth between them: the Vav [] in the middle of the shape of the Aleph, slanted between the two letters Yod. It is a firmament, the Masach, dividing between water and water, so there is division between the female and the male.

This is the combination, YAHDONHY, the combination of the two names HaVaYaH ADNI. The upper Yod of the combination is the upper water, males. The bottom Yod of the combination is the lower water, females. The six letters AlephHeyDaletVavNunHey between the two letters Yod are counted as Vav [six in Gematria], which is Matat.

HaVaYaH is ZAADNI is Malchut. When they are in a Zivug, the two names intermingle and the combination YAHDONHY comes out. At that time ZA is discerned primarily in the first Yod of the combination, upper HochmaMalchut is discerned primarily in the bottom Yod of the combination, the lower Hochma, and all six letters between them imply Yesod, which designates ZA and Malchut.

On weekdays, Matat serves to unite ZA and Malchut in the place of Yesod, which is why it was said that the six letters between the upper Yod and the lower Yod imply Matat, since it speaks of the unification of the weekdays.

202) Yod is a point, upper HochmaVav is a wheel that rolls in six SefirotHGT NHY. There is no motion in the wheel in VAK when it counts as six, except in that point, for she receives all that is in HGT NHY from that Yod. That point is the unification of everything, and testifies to that unification, Ein Sof, for whom there is no second. The sages have explained that it must be unified so as to crown him over the heaven and the earth, and over the four directions of the world. This is Aleph.

Bet is heaven and earth, ZA and MalchutMalchut is three, the pillar that carries them, YesodDalet is the four animals of the MerkavaHey is the throne, MalchutVav is six steps to the throne, HGT NHY.

Aleph Bet Gimel Dalet Hey Vav Zayin Het Tet are Adam, the upper nine of ZAYod is his unification, Malchut, the tenth Sefira of ZA, called Adam, HaVaYaH filled with the letters Aleph, which are Adam in Gematria (45). The nine Sefirot of ZA correspond to nine letters. Happy are Israel who know the secret of their Master.

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