The One Lamb You Shall Offer in the Morning

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244) It is written, “The one lamb you shall offer in the morning, and the other lamb you shall offer at dusk.” It is so that matters that are under the furnace of the world will be covered under your clothing. As a garment covers the body, the secrets of Torah must be covered, much less the secrets of the offerings, which are as the closeness of a wife to her husband. This is why it is called Korban [offering/sacrifice] from the word Kirvah [closeness]. The furnace of the world means the excessive concealment that exists in the world.

245) As the closeness of a man to his wife should be in concealment, the offering must be covered from the incest of the insolent wicked, who have neither shame nor humbleness. There are several kinds of bastards, children of incest, children of menstruation. Nidah [menstruation] means Nad Hey [The Lord has wandered] away from her, meaning the Shechina, who is called Hey, and in her stead there is a maidservant, the daughter of a foreign god, a harlot. It is written, “Under three the earth quakes, and under four it cannot bear: under a servant that is made king, a villain when he is satisfied with food, and a maidservant that is heir to her mistress.” The Hey, the queen, the good inclination, has wandered off from her place and a maidservant entered in her stead, the evil inclination.

246) It is written, “I saw in the house what seemed like an affliction.” This is the impure blood of menstruation. And as it is written of the affliction, “And the priest shall shut him up seven days.” Likewise, she will be in her menstruation seven days. How fortunate are the organs that are sanctified during intercourse, which are called “timbers of the offering,” to which holy fires are gripped. They are from the name HaVaYaH, ZA, which grips to their fire. This is why it is written, “Honor the Lord with light.”

247) The end and the wholeness of the verse, “And a tenth of ephah of semolina.” How fortunate is one who extends from his brain a clean drop of semolina without waste during the Zivug. It is implied in the letter Yod from ADNI, which is why it is written, “And a tenth,” for she is included in ten Sefirot, and she is mixed with beaten oil, a fourth of a hin, mixed with four: Mikrah [the Bible (Old Testament)], Mishnah, Talmud, Kabbalah, on which the righteous beat themselves and raise MAN for her Zivug.

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