Three Letters Yod in HaVaYaH Filled with SAG

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646) It is written, “And he dreamed, and behold, there was a ladder.” Moses, as the letter Lamed rises above all the letters because it implies Bina, you are destined to rise above all the people, for you have risen to the name, YodVavDalet HeyYod VavAlephVav HeyYod, which is sixty-three in GematriaBina, and in which there are three letters Yod, which are thirty in GematriaLamed.

Initially, you were in the name YodVavDalet HeyAleph VavAlephVav HeyAleph, which is forty-five in GematriaZA, in which there are YodAlephAlephAleph, which are thirteen in Gematria, the thirteen qualities of mercy, which are Ehad [one] in Gematria (13). And you arose in El [God], which is YodYodAlephYod with the filling of SAG. Those two names are witnesses. “Has not one God created us?” since YodYodAlephYod in the filling HaVaYaH de SAG is El in Gematria (31), and the letters YodAlephAlephAleph in the filling of HaVaYaH de MA are Ehad in Gematria, as it is written, “Do we not all have one father? Has not one God created us?”

647) In the three letters Yod in the name SAG the verse “He will be high and lifted up and very exalted” will come true in you. “And very exalted” is in HaVaYaH filled with MA, for Me’od [very] adds up to the number, Adam, MA. If we reverse the letters, “very” is Adam [man]. “Lifted” is in the four faces of a lion, Hesed that rises up to Hochma, which is as it is written, “May the Lord [HaVaYaH] bless you, HaVaYaH filled with ABYodVavDalet HeyYod VavYodVav HeyYod, which is Hesed in Gematria (72), Hochma in the right.

“Lifted” is in the four faces of an ox, Gevura that ascends to Bina. It is as it is written, “Will lift up the Lord [HaVaYaH], and he is Bina on the left. “And very high” is as it is written, “The Lord [HaVaYaH] will shine,” meaning ZA, in the middle, HaVaYaH filled with MA [MemHey]. The YodVavDalet HeyYod VavAlephVav HeyYodHaVaYaH de SAG, is as it is written, “The Lord will lift up His face to you, and give you peace.” It is the fourth HaVaYaHHaVaYaH filled with letters Hey, which are NunBet in Gematria (52), Malchut. It is as it is written, “And they shall put My name on the children of Israel, and I will bless them,” for Malchut is called “name.”

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