Four Portions of the Tefillin and the Shema Reading

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754) The Ehad [one] in “Hear O Israel,” the Kavod [glory] in “Blessed be the name of the glory of His kingdom forever and ever” are MA in Gematria [MemHey (45)], from Hochma. It is so because he lowers Hochma to Ima, and as soon as the Hochma descends to Ima, the people tie her in the knot of the head Tefillin, since the knot of the head Tefillin is Leah, dry land, which receives the descending Hochma, as it is written, “And you shall see My back.” This concerns the knot of the head Tefillin.

For this reason, the four portions of the Tefillin are, “Sanctify unto Me,” Hochma; “And it shall come to pass when … brings you,” Bina; “Hear O Israel,” Tifferet, including six Sefirot in the six words of Shema Israel; and “And it shall come to pass, if you listen,” Malchut, called “the weaker hand.” The prayer is Keter, a Keter on the head of ZA, as it is written, “There is none as holy as the Lord,” where the “The” implies Keter [crown], since Sandalfon ties all the prayers and makes them into a crown.

755) At that time we must set the table for the king’s meal and establish a tabernacle and a lamp, an ark, and an altar, and all the other tools of service of the king’s house. We are not referring to an ordinary table, which is not the work of the Creator, for we mean only the table that is the work of the Creator, His Shechina. The Shechina is His tabernacle, of ZA, His table, His lamp, His ark, His altar, for the Shechina consists of all the tools of servicing the upper king, ZA.

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