Rosh Hashanah [Beginning of the Year]

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881) “And on the seventh month, in the first day of the month.” The day of Rosh Hashanah [Hebrew New Year’s Eve, the beginning of the year] is the judgment of the whole world, harsh judgment on the fist day, and mild judgment on the second day. It is written, “You shall make a burnt offering.” Should it not have written, “And you shall sacrifice”? But on the day of Rosh Hashanah, it is written, “And make me savory dishes,” which Isaac said to Esau, the slanderer. On those days, Israel make several delights and dishes with commandments and prayer, while the slanderer goes to seek through the iniquities of the world, to make of them dainties for slandering.

This is why it is not written, “And you shall sacrifice,” but rather, “Make a burnt offering,” to make and set up delights, and it is not written, “a burnt offering made by fire.” Likewise, in all the days when the Sitra Achra has no part, it is not written, “made by fire.” It is even more on this day, when we make savory food and dishes without the awareness of the Sitra Achra, since Isaac had sent him hunting for iniquities of the people of the world and bring to him.

In all the offerings, a portion is given to the Sitra Achra. But on the day of Rosh Hashanah it is to the contrary: By blowing the Shofar [ram’s horn], Satan’s mind is confused, the GAR of the left—from which comes the vitality of the Sitra Achra—are cancelled because on Rosh Hashanah, the first state of Malchut is dominating. This is the meaning of what Isaac, the left line, said to Esau, “Bring me some game,” permitting him to extend the GAR of the left and evoke all the judgments that come with it, as it is written, “And Isaac trembled great trembling.”

These judgments begin to awaken on Rosh Hashanah. But in the meantime, Israel take Rebecca’s advice, summon a Shofar, and blow. By blowing the Shofar, the GAR of the left wane down, meaning all the Mochin of the Sitra Achra, so the Sitra Achra becomes confused. It follows that not only does she not get a portion of the Rosh Hashanah offerings, as with the rest of the offerings, he even loses his entire grip and his mind is jumbled.

On that day, when we make dainties and dishes without the awareness of the Sitra Achra, not only do we not give him sustenance from the offerings, we also confuse him, since Isaac sent him hunting for people’s iniquities and bring to him. This is the first state of Malchut, where Isaac, the left line, is seated on the throne of judgment and wishes to enhance his governance, sending Esau to hunt, to extend GAR from the left. And because he had given him permission, the judgments awaken, sentencing the entire world to a scale of fault.

While he is away, before he discloses the judgments from the GAR of the left, a Shofar is summoned and blown in order to evoke the mercy. By blowing the Shofar, the GAR of the left are cancelled and the Sitra Achra cannot extend them. His mind is jumbled and in their stead, Jacob’s delights are drawn out, meaning mercies.

882) While he is away, Israel seek advice from Rebecca and do all those works and all those prayers, summoning the Shofar and blowing, to evoke the mercy, as it is written, “He brought him wine and he drank.” That is, he came from afar, from Bina, a place where the wine is old, which is illumination of Hochma of VAK of the left after the cancellation of the GAR of the left, which is called “ancient wine.” And he drank and found it tasty, and he was glad.

Afterward Isaac, the left line, blesses him with several blessings and removes his iniquities, since the illumination of Hochma atones for the iniquities, it is written, “And it came to pass that as soon as Isaac had finished blessing Jacob, and Jacob had hardly gone out from the presence of Isaac his father, that Esau his brother came in from his hunting,” carrying with him several loads of iniquities.

883) This is why this day is a day of cheering. The sacrifice is a burnt offering. One ram for Isaac’s ram, and a he-goat for a sin offering, a bribe for SAM, since only from that offering does he receive suction from VAK de Hochma, to atone before him, for the weeping that he wept that day when he saw that his will was not carried out and he hunted in vain, for his GAR of the left had been cancelled, and they were all his strength. Also, the diminution of GAR is called “weeping,” and so it is on the Day of Atonement.

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