Seven Letters Zayin

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65) The meaning of these seven letters Zayin: The three letters Zayin in the Shin [] with the three heads, and the four letters Zayin in the Shin of the four heads [], which are written in the Tefillin, which is the letters Zayin in the letters Shin, written on both sides of the Tefillin. They imply the seven lobes in man’s lung, by which he sucks wind, and from which he puts forth a spark of fire burning from his mouth, since the wind consists of fire, water, and wind.

Also, they imply the seven days of the Sabbath and the seven weeks from Passover to Shavuot. Also, they are implied in the seven branches, on which there are seven holy candles. Also, they are implied in the seven planets that shine in the firmament, and they imply the seven degrees HGT NHYM on which the world stands, which are the foundation, root, and essence of everything.

The friends said about these seven letters Zayin: “Anyone who wishes to wear head Tefillin must look in these two letters Shin, implied in these seven letters Zayin, in which there is an intimation of hidden secrets and profound intimations.

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