The Child

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24) In the meantime, Rabbi Shimon came to Moses and said, “Moses, one day, me and the friends went to a tavern, and there was a boy there. He rose and set up a lantern and a table for us by himself, as though he was twenty years old, but he was only about five. He set up the table with every kind of food and drink and said, ‘The sages said that the landlord slices and the guest blesses. However, ‘I am young in years and you are old; therefore I was shy and afraid to tell you what I think’ before I received your permission. They replied, ‘Say it, my son, angel of the Lord.’

25) “He told us, ‘Do you wish for a delightful bread without war or for bread with war? We learn that eating time is war time. If you wish for a war to be over it, none will eat but the one who wins the war. He will eat and slice for all.’ The friends told him, ‘You are small, my son, and still do not know how mighty ministers wage war with a sword, with a swaying of the sword, with a spear, with a bow, and the arrows of the bow, with a sling, and with the stones of the sling.’

26) “He told us, ‘Let not him who girds boast like him who has taken off,’ for it was made clear in the Shema reading that indeed, anyone who reads the Shema reading by his bed, it is as though he is holding a double-edged sword. It is written, ‘The high praises of God be in their mouths, and a double-edged sword in their hands.’ The swaying of the sword—it should be swayed only to VAKHGT NHY, to crown him over the heavens and over the earth, and over the four directions of the world.” Vav de HaVaYaHZA, is the body of the sword; Yod de HaVaYaH is the head of the sword; HeyHey in HaVaYaH are the two mouths of the sword, and the sheath of the sword is the name ADNIMalchut.

27) A spear is the 248 [Ramach] words in the Shema reading, that along with the six words in the unification, “Hear O Israel,” are Romach [spear], Ramach with a Vav. The shield with the sword is three angels—Michael, Gabriel, Nuriel—Acronym MGN [Heb: Magen (shield)], serving the three patriarchs, HGT: Michael is Hesed, Gabriel is Gevura, and Nuriel is Tifferet. The bow is what tosses the arrows. Each seed that is not shot like an arrow does not beget. This implies to Yesod.

The sling is the Shema reading. The five stones of the sling are five words, “Hear O Israel the-Lord our-God the-Lord,” HGT NH. Opposite them, “And David took … five smooth stones from the brook.” When he put them in the sling—the lip that reads the Shema reading, Divinity—all five became one stone and he killed the Philistine.

28) “Thus far, I have been tossing this stone to SAM, a stone of siege, and I have destroyed the siege and lowered it down. This is why I told you, “Let not him who girds boast like him who has taken off.” Now it shall be clear to you that I know how mighty ministers wage wars with swords, with a spear, with a bow, and with a sling.”

We were awestruck and could not speak before him. He told us, “Wise men, now we shall see who will earn a bread that is the bread of Hamotzi [the “Who brings forth” blessing].

29) The boy started and said, “And it shall come to pass that when you eat from the bread of the earth, you will raise a contribution to the Lord.” By what does Divinity, the letter Hey of Hamotzi, rise, so that all who slice should be meticulous about the Hey? Indeed, we learn that chaff and straw are exempted from the tithing because when Malchut is in chaff and straw, when the Klipot suckle from it, she is in prison. Then the letter Hey, Divinity, has no permission to rise to the MemZA, to become MA with her, HaVaYaH of Alephs, which is 45 in Gematria. This is the contribution, the letters Torah, Mem, the Hey [5] of the five books of Moses, in which there is a Mem, as it is written, “And Moses was on the mount Mem [Gematria, 40] days.”

30) The chaff and the straw of wheat. The tree that Adam HaRishon ate was wheat. By eating from the tree of knowledge, he brought Het to Tet—being the Klipot chaff and straw—to the letter HeyMalchut, and the YodYesod, her ten, departed from her. For this reason, when she is in chaff and straw, which correspond to foreskin and exposing, opposite the two skins of the circumcision—the one that is cut off and the other that is exposed—he is exempted from tithing, Yod. It is so because the letter Yod is not permitted to bond with the letter Hey, who are a man and a woman—Yod in the man and Hey in the woman. Hence, all who slice must be precise with the Hey and must slice from a place that has thoroughly ripened, since ripening is the completion of the fruit. This is the VavZA, which completes the HeyMalchut.

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