The Shema Reading and the Tefillin

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870) “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.” Shema [hear] has the letters ShinMem, a big Ayin, and a big Dalet in Ehad [one]. These are Ed [witness]. Between the ShinMem from Shema, which is Malchut, called Shem [name], and the AlephHet from Ehad, which is ZA, are the big letters AyinDalet [Ed (witness)], as it is written, “The Lord is witness against you.” And likewise, He is a witness of every one who unifies Him in the world.

This is why David said, “I will delight in the Lord,” since the ShinMem from ShemaMalchut, and AlephHet from EhadZA, are Esmach [I will delight]. This is the unification of ZA and Malchut in Gadlut, since Malchut in Gadlut is called “name.”

871) The big Dalet in Ehad implies the four chambers of the Tefillin. He puts them AlephHet in the EhadZA, crowns himself in them, and they are glory on his head. They are the combination, YodHeyHeyVavYod is Hochma, a crown over the Hey, the daughter, Malchut, as it is written, “The Lord established the earth with wisdom.” Abba [father], Hochma, established the daughter, Malchut, earth.

The second Hey of the combination, YodHeyHeyVav, is upper Ima, a crown over the Vav, the son, ZA, as it is written, “Established the heaven with Tevuna [intelligence]. ZA, heaven, receives the Mochin from Tevuna, upper Ima, since Ima established the son. This is the meaning of the next world, Bina, has neither eating nor drinking in it. Rather, the righteous sit with their crowns on their heads. ZA, who has a crown on his head from Bina, is called “the next world.”

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